5 Ways to Amplify Your Glow with Radiance Sun

5 Ways to Amplify Your Glow with Radiance Sun

January 05, 2022

If there was one product to encapsulate summer, it would be Aleph Radiance Sun. The glow-giving, complexion-boosting hero in any makeup kit, this compact pot of makeup alchemy can transform your look in so many ways.

From subtle to high-impact, we’ve got you covered. Discover how to achieve the perfect summer glow for every occasion!

1. Mix Radiance Sun with your Concealer/Foundation

In this tutorial, Emma shows step-by-step how to create a sun-kissed, bronze glow for complexions lacking warmth or those who just want a natural summer radiance.

The trick: for an all-over glow, add a little Radiance Sun to your Concealer/Foundation and mix together before applying. This simple trick delivers a subtle yet radiant warmth and glow to your complexion that promises perfection. It's also a fantastic way to transition your winter colour foundation into a warmer, summer shade!

2. Combine with your Serum/Primer

Nothing says summer like radiant, bronzed skin. To achieve this natural-looking glow, mix Radiance Sun with a couple of drops of the Aleph Serum/Primer. Using your fingertips, blend until the two products disappear into one another.

When combined, the Serum/Primer’s silky texture instantly fuses with Radiance Sun’s shimmer. Wear as a bronzing skin hydrator on no-makeup days for a  naturally radiant complexion. When worn underneath Concealer/Foundation, this mix doubles as a makeup primer and helps warm up the complexion. You can also use this mix on any area of the body (arms, legs, décolletage) for an allover hydrating glow. 


3. Highlight your features

Wear Radiance Sun on the high points of your face to highlight your features. To apply, blend Radiance Sun on the apples of your cheeks and the top of your cheekbones. The creamy formula can be easily layered too, so you’re in control of its intensity.

4. Wear on the eyes

We know what you’re thinking. Highlighter on my eyes? But trust us, it works. Blend Radiance Sun across your eyelid and into the crease, to create a glowing eyeshadow. The pigment is rather dense, so start small and gently layer as needed. Remember, the colour payoff you’re looking to achieve is light reflection, rather than intensity. Expert tip: Apply this in a sunny spot, so you can see where the light hits best. This will help you avoid over-application, which can cause creasing.

5. Don’t forget the lips

For an eye-catching pout, add Radiance Sun to your lips after applying your chosen Cheek/Lip Tint (or on its own). Apply a little for a subtle sheen or layer on for more intensity. Either way, you’re guaranteed an iridescent glow. Or for a more bronzy lip, you can also mix Radiance Sun with your favourite lip balm!


Ready to play with Radiance Sun? 


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