February 26, 2019

As busy people living in a world overflowing with mountains and mountains of different beauty goodies to choose from, it’s natural we want to get the most bang for our buck. And in our books, the best way is to invest in products that tackle more than just one of your beauty needs.

Not only that, multi-use natural beauty products are a surefire way to preserve the planet and nurture your wallet. You’ll reduce waste, trim down your shopping list and shave minutes off your morning beauty routine. Because in an increasingly busy world, who doesn't want to save a few minutes where possible.

It’s incredible how many uses a single product can have. Here are a few fantastic multi-use natural beauty products - keeping your routine sustainable from top to toe.

1. Aleph Radiance

sustainable beauty aleph makeup pots

Searching for a glowing highlighter, beautiful eyeshadow, and foundation luminiser all rolled into one compact product? Say hello to Aleph Radiance, the ultimate beauty essential.

Created carefully for maximum versatility, this densely pigmented cream has so many uses it’s hard to keep count. Dab on the high points of your face to help your natural features glow, apply it to the lips or over a lip colour for a transformative iridescence, or give your eyes some attention with a touch on your eyelids for a glossy sheen.

But for an all over glow (because who wouldn’t want that), we like to mix a little Radiance with the Aleph Concealer/Foundation prior to application to create an ethereal glow that lasts all day.

2. De Mamiel Brightening Cleanser & Exfoliator

sustainable beauty De Mamiel Brightening Cleanser & Exfoliator

Get the best of both worlds, with De Mamiel’s Brightening Cleanser and Exfoliator, all rolled into one beautiful bottle.

This skincare regime must-have not only works to exfoliate and cleanse your skin by removing impurities, this superfood powder (yes, powder) contains healing clays, plant, and gem extracts that also smoothen and polish the skin to reveal its natural radiance and glow!

With this all-in-one facial wonder by your side, you can say goodbye to the countless bottles of cleansing foams and exfoliating scrubs sitting half-used at the bottom of your shower and embrace a sustainable beauty lifestyle, all while looking good at the same time.

3. Aleph Cheek/Lip Tint

sustainable beauty aleph makeup with magazine

If there’s one makeup trade that needs to happen now, it’s swapping the handful of lipsticks you have stashed in your handbag, bathroom cabinet, beauty kit - we could keep going - for an Aleph Cheek/Lip Tint.

Take your pick from five beautiful shades inspired by natural hues, all crafted with intensely nourishing ingredients. For an ultra-moisturising pop of colour, layer your chosen shade on your lips and build your own customised level of colour, or gently diffuse on the cheeks to create a sheer, soft glow.

An added bonus? Don’t be fooled by the small packaging, every pot of Cheek/Lip Tint has been packed to the brim so this compact gem will last for a very long time.

4. Sans [ceuticals] pH Perfect Body Wash

sustainable beauty Sans ceuticals pH Perfect Body Wash

The name of this next product says it all really, it’s perfect. The Sans [ceuticals] pH Perfect Body Wash is a brilliant addition to any bathroom, suitable for anyone wanting to add a little luxury to their daily shower routine.

This body wash does all of the things you would expect from a typical body wash, and a lot more. Not only does it cleanse your skin and leave you smelling delicious, but their use of Lychee extract helps to promote cellular health while the ceramide-rich formula hydrates, plumps and nourishes your skin at the same time. Did someone say ultra-soft skin? 

Pop this cell-repairing, body-loving wash in your bathroom as soon as possible, it also doubles as a refreshing hand wash too!

5. Aleph Concealer/Foundation

sustainable beauty aleph foundation concealer swatch

Without a doubt, this skin-loving product is an all-year-round beauty staple of ours. The Aleph Concealer/Foundation is breathable, blends seamlessly with the skin and does more than just create a flawless, velvety finish, it nourishes and protects the skin thanks to its carefully selected ingredients.

But best of all, this product acts as a full coverage concealer, medium coverage foundation and a light veil, making this an incredibly useful and versatile addition to your makeup kit. 

When it comes to application, we recommend applying neatly with clean fingers as the warmth from your finger allows the product to blend seamlessly with the skin and achieve full coverage. Perfection.

When you choose multi-use natural beauty products, you're choosing a sustainable future for yourself and the planet.

This list isn't where it ends though, experiment with makeup and cosmetics you already own and see if you can reinvent them. If you have an eye pigment or shadow you’re looking to offload, they can be mixed into clear nail polish to make your own custom nail polish. And a good moisturiser can also be used as a cuticle cream, and an anti frizz serum for your hair (sparingly of course).

Ready to begin your sustainable beauty journey?