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How You Can Impact Positive Change This July

How You Can Impact Positive Change This July

June 30, 2020

At Aleph Beauty, we choose consciously, so your conscience is clear. This month marks the opportunity to take part in Plastic Free July and exercise our sustainable values for permanent change.

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benefits of red light therapy

Why Light Therapy is Good For Your Skin and Your Well-Being

June 23, 2020

Tapping into our natural regeneration power, Photobiomodulation Therapy gives us an opportunity to improve our overall well-being – and boost our glow. Here’s why the future of natural healing is bright.
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How to Create a Subtle Smokey Eye

June 16, 2020

This week, Emma demonstrates how to create a beautiful, subtle smokey eye, using just a few products.
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Aleph Beauty Wins People's Choice in Best of Natural Awards 2020

June 10, 2020

We are ecstatic to announce that we have won the Good Magazine/Health Post People’s Choice Award for Best Natural Brand. This means so much to us as a young brand. We’re delighted that we’ve received such an amazing result and we’re grateful for everyone who voted for us. Here's how our team reacted.

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Highlighting and Contouring for a Beautiful Natural Look

June 03, 2020

Highlighting and contouring is a popular subject, that in reality can be very difficult to execute. Done properly, this is an extreme art form that can dramatically adjust the look of ones features. Here are some simple and easy ways to highlight and contour the face while still looking natural.
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Dr Hisham Explains the Benefits of Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy)

May 27, 2020

As we age it’s important to get our body and our skin to move with us. It doesn't have to start degenerating as much as we are told that it's supposed to. It actually doesn't need to if we treat it well. We want to "age proactively". We talk to Dr Hisham about laser light therapy and how it is beneficial not only to the skin, but to the entire body and how it helps us in holistic, proactive ageing.
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hormone disruptors

What Are Hormone Disruptors & Are They Sabotaging Your Health?

May 12, 2020

Heard of endocrine disruptors? These toxic chemicals lurk everywhere, ready to leach their way into your body and wreak havoc on your hormones. And worse. Read on to learn more and discover how to protect yourself against these invisible hormone-hijackers.
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Holistic Health - Interview with Dr Hisham

May 06, 2020

How we are taking charge of our health and increasing resilience in challenging times. In today's interview, we’re talking about another important and especially relevant topic: holistic healthcare. Meet our fascinating guest (who graduated medical school at just age 21!), Dr Hisham Abdalla.

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How To: Colour Correct Dark Under-Eye Circles

May 06, 2020

This little makeup hack completely removes dark circles under the eyes. And it only takes a second. Using your Mixing Tool scrape a tiny amount of Ascend onto the back of your hand, and mix into your Concealer/Foundation.

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Happy Mother's Day with Ethically Kate

May 05, 2020

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Sustainability Tips with Ethically Kate

April 30, 2020

Our founder Emma met with sustainability expert Ethically Kate over Zoom to discuss her top sustainability tips. In this video Kate shares with us her methods of finding ethical, sustainable brands/products, how to maintain or begin a sustainable lifestyle during the lockdown and good ways to stick to those habits.
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Zoom Ready Makeup - How to Quickly Prep For Video Calls

April 07, 2020

Video calls are the new normal. Working, socializing and teaching, all from home. Sometimes the new way may involve working at home in pajamas and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Other times the day may consist of multiple video calls with friends, family or colleagues. Here’s our guide to great video call makeup:
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