Ask Our Expert: Skin Concerns and How Aleph's Skincare-Infused Formulations Can Help

Ask Our Expert: Skin Concerns and How Aleph's Skincare-Infused Formulations Can Help

February 12, 2024

Our skin specialist shares the five most common skin concerns hitting our inbox (and how Aleph can help).

This has become a major beauty buzzword and is likely because it affects so many of us. Our skin can develop pigmentation from a number of different causes over our lifetime – sun exposure, scarring, inflammation and even hormone fluctuations.
Pigmentation is notoriously hard to conceal, especially if your aim is a natural complexion that still looks like your own skin.
Our solution: mix a small scraping of Radiance into your Concealer/Foundation to help deflect light and disguise discolouration, diffusing the appearance of pigmentation. Our video tutorial here breaks this down step-by-step.

Fine lines and wrinkles
If you have mature skin and feel like your makeup is exacerbating fine lines and wrinkles, you’re not alone. This is a concern we hear all too often before people switch to Aleph.

How Aleph helps: our cream based formulas are infused with nourishing waxes and butters which sink into the skin to create a smooth and supple complexion. This helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, further aided if using Prep/Finish Powder to create a blurring effect for refined skin texture. The One Reset and Restore Moisture Cream has a stack of plant actives that visibly lifts and firms the skin, and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This is an extremely common chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects over 415 million people worldwide. Typically affecting the face – ruddiness, flushed cheeks and a dry, itchy complexion are the trademark symptoms.
Our solution: keep it simple and use products that are gentle on sensitive skin and help to protect the skin’s natural barrier function, like our Serum/Primer. It's rich in a myriad of good-for-you ingredients including milk thistle, an ingredient rich in Omega-6 fatty acids that help strengthen your skin barrier. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from customers having used Serum/Primer to soothe rosacea.

Dull and dehydrated skin
There’s a lot of hype around dewy, glowy skin at the moment – aka the opposite of dull and dehydrated skin. Dehydration and a duller skin tone are more common for mature skin but can also be a side effect of excess sun exposure or illness at any age.
For an instant skin reset: mix together Concealer/Foundation, 1-2 drops of Serum/Primer and a scraping of Radiance. By adding glow to the complexion, your skin will appear healthier and more awake. These products will also nourish your skin at the same time, helping to improve hydration and moisture retention. Watch our tutorial on a quick, natural, dewy look for everyday.

From hormonal flare ups to teenage or even adult acne, these pesky blemishes are frustrating for everyone. Makeup gets a bad rap for irritating acne-prone skin, which can feel defeating when all we want to do is cover our insecurities.
While in some cases makeup provides a quick relief for breakouts and problem skin, it’s also important to remember to prioritise the skin underneath.
How Aleph helps: skin-loving products that let your skin breathe and recover, while giving you the power to create the look you want. Our skincare-infused formulas have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients to soothe and calm redness. Rest assured – wearing Aleph will support, not sabotage, the benefits of your skincare routine. Watch our tutorial on how to cover blemishes and still achieve a glowy, skin-like-skin finish.


We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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