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The Best Trick to Give Your Face a Bronzed Contour

January 21, 2020

We’re finally seeing some sun peep into our summer here in NZ! A summery tan is lovely but most of us wisely try to avoid too much sun on the face causing your regular foundation to look a little pallid and out of place.

There’s no need to change your colours up completely. All that’s needed is a little bronzed warmth to transform your look for the height of Summer.

Terra Cheek/Lip Tint was designed with this in mind. This deliciously rich chocolate brown tint is quite possibly the most versatile yet.

Use this super-sparingly:

  • around the hairline
  • contours of the cheek bones
  • and eyes

This will give the illusion that the face is as bronzed as your body without having to change up your foundation colour.

And it’s the absolute best trick to vanquish that white neck spot that appears in the summer and then somehow never vanishes. Left unattended can make your neck look a little less than sculpted.

All that’s needed to rectify this, is the tiniest smidge on the finger tips and smoothed into the pale patch bringing back into alignment with the rest of the neck and bringing back seamless definition to the jawline.

Learn more about the ultra versatile Terra.