How to Create an Even Tan Without Changing Your Foundation Colour, or Stepping into The Sun

March 10, 2020

Even if you are careful in the sun, after a long, sunny Kiwi summer, your neck and chest are going to be a little more tanned than usual.

But one part that stays paler is the area in the shadow, just under your chin. The contrast disconnects your chest from your face and can be a little distracting. The good news is that pesky little white patch can be disguised with a little help of Terra Cheek/Lip Tint.

Apply a small amount of Terra under your chin using your fingertips and blend it well. Don’t apply too much, you should be neutralising the white patch only, not tanning.

It’s not quite contouring but on top of evening your skin tone in a more flattering way, it will help you to sculpt your chin a little by giving it more definition.

Another area that tends to be paler than the rest of your face if you wear a hat is your forehead. Before you change your entire foundation colour, Emma has another handy trick using Terra to create an even, bronzed tone without stepping into the sun.

Gently tap some Terra along your hairline, then rub it in so it blends seamlessly with the rest of your face. This instantly creates a healthy-looking, even tan.

If you think Terra looks dark in the pot and is not for your skin, think again. You only need a tiny amount of product, and once applied, it is the perfect post-summer bronzer fix for everyone.


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