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Colour Consult

Aleph founder and professional makeup artist Emma Peters brings her wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to online colour consultations.

The process is simple! Take a selfie in soft light with a clean, makeup free face and please send it to and Emma will personally help you select the ideal colour match for your skin.

Feel free to include any other relevant info such as the shade you wear in your old brand, or skin type etc.

Then, when you purchase your Aleph Foundation / Concealer colour preference, you automatically receive a sample of the colour you have selected to test on your skin before opening the full product.

You also choose another sample on the colour spectrum (lighter or darker) to test alongside the colour you have selected. If the colour you purchased is not right for your skin tone, you can send the unopened product back to us and we will send out the new colour choice at no extra charge.


Colour Consult