You should be able to experience beauty without it costing the earth.

At Aleph, we do more with less.

That’s why we make informed, conscious, constructive choices across every aspect of our business every day.

The truth is that every time you choose Aleph, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to be part of. Reinforcing your choice as a good one is our daily practice.

We have a single use planet and we must tread as lightly as possible upon it. We have multiple initiatives at play at all times.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is foundational to Aleph. We aim to tick all the boxes of the conscious makeup wearer by putting people, planet, and animals at the forefront of every decision we make.

To aid us on this journey, and to help hold us accountable, we have developed our first sustainability strategy.

Read our Three-Year Sustainability Strategy →


As a B Corp certified business, we’re counted among
businesses that are leading a global movement for an
inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

Aleph is an active member of the largest and longest standing organisation dedicated to sustainable business in New Zealand.

Not only are we mindful of minimising plastic packaging, we have a fervent belief that no beauty product should contain plastic of any kind.

This includes microbeads, plasticised polymers, liquid plastics and silicone polymers.

We are proud to be certified by “Zero Plastic Inside” in eliminating micro plastics from our formulations.

Re Aleph
Our Circular Initiative

The amount of packaging produced by the beauty industry is overwhelming – as is the amount of waste. Over a billion units of packaging are produced each year, of which most are destined for landfill.

We challenge this take-make-dispose model by designing out waste in our products, our packaging, our formulas and our business model.

These are our ‘waste not’ principles

Multi-functional products

Designed to be used in a spectrum of ways, reducing the need for dozens of different products. We’ve simplified the number of products you need, without limiting the possibilities in your makeup routine.

No water, no filler

Highly concentrated, high-performing formulas. Water is often used to increase volume which can dilute the product and ultimately cause water to be trapped in containers destined for landfill. Whenever feasible, our products contain no water; they’re densely packed with nourishing ingredients, for maximum effect and minimal waste.

Functional Design

Functional design makes our products and packaging easier to use, clean and recycle. We’ve designed our products and packaging so that you can use the whole thing and leave nothing to waste. A bonus is the compact size making Aleph perfect for on-the-go .

Sustainable and Durable

Sustainable and durable materials that can be reused, recycled or composted. We partner with ethical, sustainable suppliers to source only the most essential packaging components to deliver our products to you safely with a focus on designing out plastic and waste.


Reusable glass can be refilled, reducing single-use packaging and new materials entering the loop. We’ve created a circular initiative to do just this! Help us in closing the loop by sending back your empties today.

Sustainable Packaging

Join the journey in closing the loop

Save packaging from becoming single-use. You play a role in creating sustainable change – get started with us.

What’s my impact

Help us make the world a little cleaner by returning your empties – circle glass back into the packaging stream and reduce new materials from entering and recycle plastic and aluminium.

How do I return my empties in NZ?

Simply drop-off your empties at any of our stockists (find your local stockist here). Or fill in your details below and we’ll let you know the address to pop your empties in the post. Please wrap your empties in something to protect them – whatever you have at home! Or use the packaging from your latest Aleph order.

How do I return my empties in the USA?

Aleph Beauty is a member of PACT Collective, for recycling of all packaging, visit to find a drop off location or for mailing instructions.

How do I return my empties Australia?

We are working to create the perfect solution for our Australian customers, in the meantime, please use the contact for below to talk to our customer service department for the best solution.

What if my empties are damaged?

Even if your empties are chipped or scratched, send them back to us. Glass that can’t be refilled will be crushed and diverted to other industries through our recycling partner.

What can I send back?

We continue to explore the possibilities of refillable products and sustainable packaging solutions. You can help by sending back these packaging components:

  • The jars and lids of Concealer/Foundation, Cheek/Lip Tint and Radiance
  • Serum/Primer bottles and droppers
  • Prep/Finish Powder Compacts
  • Concealer/Foundation sample shells
  • Mascara Vials, wands and wipers
  • Hybrid Eye Pigment and Gel Liner jars and lids

What are your next steps in sustainability?

We are currently working on our Sustainability Strategy, including where we are at, what our sustainability goals are, and how we're going to achieve them. This document will be published when complete as a demonstration of our commitment to our world. We believe that we all have a role to play in creating change and it’s the responsibility of all of us to make the world a little cleaner. Our aim is to achieve complete circularity and leave the world better than how we found it.

How does it work?

By circling glass packaging back through our product loop we increase the number of times a single jar can be used and decrease the amount of materials needed to produce new jars.


Collect at least 5 jars or bottles and give them a wash.


Email us or drop off at your nearest stockist.


Our industrial sanitiser makes them clean as new.


Reuseable jars arrive at our manufacturing facility ready for new product.


Next time you order, we could be sending you a reused jar!


You've helped close the loop.

How can we help you?

If you have a question, it might have already been answered on our FAQ page.

If your answer is not there, please send us a message below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.