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How to Cover Blemishes & Pigmentation

January 29, 2020

Blemishes and pigmentation are notoriously hard to disguise, especially if your aim is a natural complexion that still looks like your own skin.

While a little more coverage than normal is required in certain areas to create an even complexion, it’s still possible to to achieve flawlessly natural looking skin without feeling like your skin is plastered with makeup.

One of the best tricks to even skin is to let the light work for you. Adding a little bit of Aleph Radiance to the Concealer/Foundation helps to deflect the light further to disguise the discolouration underneath.

Here, we’ve mixed a small amount of Radiance Sun in with Concealer/Foundation 3.0 to give Delphine a beautiful summer glow and to diffuse the light away from her pigmentation spots.

Firstly prep the skin with 2 drops of Serum/Primer avoiding the eye area (this ensures your Concealer/Foundation stays crease-free for the day)

Mix 1/3 of a pea size of Concealer/Foundation with a third of that again Radiance Sun on the back of the hand. Using the Diffuser Brush, gently buff this into the skin from the centre of the face outwards.

Using a finger tip, gently tap extra Concealer/Foundation over the areas where extra coverage is required.

One of the most important tips to long wearing makeup is to leave it once it’s been applied. Aleph Concealer/Foundation contains a collection of nourishing and beneficial ingredients designed to work throughout the day to feed the skin. So once applied to the desired coverage, avoid touching the face and you’ll be left with a glowing, nourishing natural coverage that will be working to make your skin appear better and better over time.