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How to Create a Subtle Smokey Eye

June 16, 2020 3 Comments

This week, Emma demonstrates how to create a beautiful, subtle smokey eye, using just a few products.

Here's how:

    • Using a small amount of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra on a fluffy brush, pat in place and blend up onto the brow bone.
    • Smudge Terra with an angle brush under the lower lash line.
    • Use a smudgy black pencil to run along up under the lash line and then again on top of the lash line. Blend with your angle brush.
    • Run the eye pencil along the lower water line and extend into the lashes. Use your angle brush to blend.
    • Use a translucent powder to set your cream products.
    • Finish with black mascara.

3 Responses

Judi Farkash
Judi Farkash

September 16, 2020

Thanks Emma. Will have to buy the Terra product next purchase as it looks awesome for smokey eye. Great tutorial.


July 10, 2020

Hi – can you give me details on the brushes Emma used for this make up? Both the angle small brush and the lower lash one she used to apply the mascara. Thanks.

Rana Reuther
Rana Reuther

June 29, 2020

Thanks for another great tutorial. Random question but where is your necklace from? Its just what Ive been looking for!

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