3 Reasons why Concealer/Foundation is the most sustainable!

3 Reasons why Concealer/Foundation is the most sustainable!

April 08, 2024

The amount of packaging produced by the beauty industry is overwhelming – as is the amount of waste.

We challenge this by designing out waste in our products, our packaging, our formulas and our business model.

3 Reasons why Concealer/Foundation is the most sustainable!

Concentrated Formulation

The super-concentrated Aleph formulations mean that only a very small amount is needed to create your desired coverage. Our glass containers may seem small, but you only need tiny amounts of product to get buildable, skin-healthy coverage. Concealer/Foundation is the equivalent of a conventional bottle ten times the size. Concealer/Foundation lasts up to 3 months with everyday use.

Why is this important?

Typically, conventional foundation products are 60% to 80% water meaning most of your money is going towards water and packaging (as well as the extra shipping around all that water and packaging). Without water, there's nothing for microbes to feed off, reducing the need for conventional preservatives. Concealer/Foundation is made up of natural ingredients including a high level of antioxidants to not only help protect and nourish the skin, but also protect the products from “going off”. That's a win-win.


Most mainstream foundation containers are not able to be recycled due to being impossible to open, extract all product and clean. The product gets trapped in these containers and ends up in landfill - packaging, product, water and all. We've solved this beauty biohazard by concentrating our products, removing water and packing them full of only skin-loving, nourishing ingredients.

Aleph uses sustainable and durable materials that can be reused, recycled or composted. We partner with ethical, sustainable suppliers to source only the most essential packaging components to deliver our products to you safely with a focus on designing out plastic and waste.

We’ve created a circular initiative! Help us in closing the loop by sending back your empties today. By circling glass packaging back through our product loop we increase the number of times a single jar can be used and decrease the amount of materials needed to produce new jars.


Skincare Infused

Makeup is in contact with your skin all day – longer than most other beauty products. It can play a huge role in maintaining balance and hydration for your face, yet leading cosmetic brands often use ingredients that get in the way of better skin.

Aleph formulas are crafted for quality, effective application, and with a distinct skincare purpose in mind. To achieve flawless coverage while also supporting healthy skin, Concealer/Foundation’s formula is filled with ingredients rich in amino acids, antioxidants and hydrating properties. Alaria esculenta extract, a species of brown algae, actively protects the skin from harmful environmental oxidative stress, helping reverse the signs of aging, while candelilla wax helps skin retain hydration. 

The role of double-action is on full display with Concealer/Foundation. Using powerful ingredients from nature, the product works beautifully on application to give the skin a smooth, glowing appearance. Meanwhile, it’s working all day, every day to actively enhance the health and integrity of your skin. 

Makeup Alchemy

Designed to be used in a spectrum of ways, reducing the need for dozens of different products. We’ve simplified the number of products you need, without limiting the possibilities in your makeup routine.

Concealer/Foundation is a multi-use product that allows you to create a lot more with a lot less. Not only can it be used as both a concealer and a foundation it can be mixed with other Aleph products to create new products.

  • Concealer/Foundation x Serum Primer = Tinted Serum/ Liquid Foundation
  • Concealer/Foundation x Prep/Finish Power = Matte Longwear finish
  • Concealer/Foundation x Radiance Balm Star = helps to neutralise excess yellow or sallowness to the skin to add a more lively tone to the face. 
  • Concealer/Foundation x Radiance Balm Moon = adds brightness and extra light diffusion to illuminate the complexion and make skin appear more awake.
  • Concealer/Foundation x Radiance Balm Sun = helps to deflect light and disguise discolouration, camouflaging the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation.
  • Concealer/Foundation x Ascend Cheek/Lip Tint = works as a color corrector to remove dark circles under the eyes.

  • “When it comes to functionality, we wanted a collection of concentrated, creme-based formulas that would work together. We wanted to be able to mix them in different ways to reduce the overall number of products you’d need in your makeup bag.” - Emma Peters, Founder.

    Aleph’s creme-based, natural Concealer/Foundation gives you a more cost-effective and versatile product that also helps reduce waste.

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