Combat, Cancel, and Correct: Emma's Tips to Neutralise Dark Under Eyes and More

Combat, Cancel, and Correct: Emma's Tips to Neutralise Dark Under Eyes and More

September 30, 2022

Genetics, lack of sleep, lifestyle and food intolerances. These can all effect the skin resulting in under eye circles, redness, sallowness and pigmentation.

Below Emma explains how colour correcting works to restore the appearance of ultimate vitality.

What is a colour corrector? How does it work?

Colour correcting is a little trick that makeup artists use to counter dark under eye circles, disguise redness or brighten a sallow complexion.

It works by determining the hue of the issue that needs correcting then using the opposite hue on the colour wheel to cancel it out. For instance, Green is opposite to Red, Orange is opposite to Blue and Purple is opposite to Yellow. Using opposite colours together creates a neutral tone. 

How do I find the best colour corrector for me?

Dark circles under the eyes are often blue-toned, therefore your colour corrector should have an orange or peach tone to it. For sallow skin that has yellow tones, a colour corrector would contain purple tones.

Pigmentation is typically ashy with slight green hues, so a red tone would counter this well. In contrast, green colour correctors are suited to neutralising redness.

How do I softly colour correct and still look natural? Colour correctors don’t need to be a solid opaque colour. For a more natural look where the skin is allowed to show through, use a product that contains the tones. Avoid a straight-up orange to counter blueness and instead go for a peachy toned concealer. Or avoid a straight green to cover redness, this will end up taking too much colour out of the skin rendering it washed out. Instead, choose an olive-based foundation of concealer which will be infused with green tones.

Aleph colour correcting must haves

The multi-functional nature of Aleph products allows the wearer to customise their look with minimal products.

Cheek/Lip Tint Ascend is a stunning coral and when a very small amount of this is mixed with any Concealer/Foundation, a perfect anti-blue colour corrector is created.

Radiance Balm Star can be mixed with Concealer/Foundation allowing the luminescent purple tones to counter and brighten a sallow or overly yellow complexion.

Radiance Balm Sun is a lovely bronze highlight with subtle red undertones, so when mixed with Concealer/Foundation creates a counter to pigmentation as well as extra light diffusion to soften and disguise pigmentation.



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