Common Skin Concerns and How Aleph's Skincare-Infused Formulations Can Help

Common Skin Concerns and How Aleph's Skincare-Infused Formulations Can Help

February 12, 2024

The six most common skin concerns hitting our inbox (and how Aleph can help).


This has become a major concern for so many of us. Our skin can develop pigmentation from a number of different causes over our lifetime – sun exposure, scarring, inflammation and even hormone fluctuations.

Pigmentation is notoriously hard to conceal, especially if your aim is a natural complexion that still looks like your own skin.

Our now solution: To disguise pigmentation without creating a mask-like effect: Mix a small scraping of Radiance Sun into your Concealer/Foundation to help deflect light and disguise discolouration, the warm tone of Radiance Sun will help color correct and the radiant pigment helps diffuse the appearance of pigmentation. Our video tutorial here breaks this down step-by-step.

Our over time solution: Removing products that are potentially damaging to the skin and the body and instead using skincare and makeup that actively restores skin integrity such as The One Reset and Restore Moisture Cream and Aleph Concealer/Foundation. Cover up and use a natural SPF when exposed to sun.

Fine lines and wrinkles

As we age and fine lines and wrinkles start to become more pronounced, so too does the susceptibility for makeup to exacerbate these signs of skin ageing. This is a concern we hear all too often… that is before people switch to Aleph.

Our now solution: Aleph cream based formulas are infused with nourishing butters and waxes which melt into the skin to create a smooth and supple complexion. Our Concealer/Foundation is inbuilt with skin blurring properties helping to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Topping with Prep/Finish Powder will further refine the skin texture.

Our over time solution: The One Reset and Restore Moisture Cream has a potent stack of plant actives that visibly lifts and firms the skin while plumping and softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over the long term.


This is an extremely common chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects over 415 million people worldwide. Typically affecting the face, this presents as ruddiness, flushed cheeks and a dry, itchy complexion.

Our now solution: Once Moisturiser has fully absorbed, prep rosacea-prone areas with Prep/Finish Powder. This acts as an extra adhesive primer for those areas typically repellant of makeup. Then gently buff or dab Concealer/Foundation over the area to desired coverage.

Our over time solution: Keep it simple and use products that are gentle on sensitive skin and help to protect the skin’s natural barrier function, like our Serum/Primer. It's rich in a myriad of good-for-you ingredients including milk thistle, an ingredient rich in Omega-6 fatty acids that help strengthen your skin barrier. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from customers having used Serum/Primer to soothe rosacea.

Dull and dehydrated skin

There’s a lot of hype around dewy, glowy skin at the moment – aka the opposite of dull and dehydrated skin. Dehydration and a duller skin tone are more common for mature skin but can also be a side effect of excess sun exposure or ill health at any age.

Our now solution: Mix together Concealer/Foundation, 1-2 drops of Serum/Primer and a scraping of Radiance (Sun for extra bronzy warmth, Moon for an ethereal glow and Star to combat sallowness and add vitality).

Our over time solution: By adding glow to the complexion, your skin will appear healthier and more awake. These products will also nourish your skin at the same time, helping to improve hydration and guarding against trans epidermal water loss. Watch our tutorial on a quick, natural, dewy look for everyday.

Oily Skin

Less is more - is the name of the game for a beautiful makeup application, and this rings even truer for oily skin types.

Our now solution: Minimise prep products on the skin. Avoid overloading the skin with too many layers and stick to the basics. If you need an SPF product, try avoiding a moisturiser. For extra makeup longevity, prep the skin with Prep/Finish Powder to create a matte grippy base, then gently buff Concealer/Foundation over the top to build desired coverage.

Our over time solution: Prep Finish Powder not only magnifies the skin in the moment, but contains an active ingredients shown to help refine pore size and magnify the skin over time.


From hormonal flare ups to teenage or even adult acne, these pesky blemishes are frustrating for everyone. Makeup is often a culprit in irritating acne-prone skin, which can end up throwing one into an ever descending spiral.

Our now solution: Use skin-loving products that let your skin breathe and recover, Aleph products contain helpful ingredients like Bio Organic Totarol shown to be active against acne bacteria, while giving you the power to create the look you want.

Rest assured – wearing Aleph will support, not sabotage, the benefits of your skincare routine. Watch our tutorial on how to cover blemishes and still achieve a glowy, skin-like-skin finish. Another top tip for clear skin, is to ensure your brushes are clean. Regular cleaning is a skin saviour. When experiencing a breakout, wash your brush after every use.

Our over time solution: Our skincare-infused formulas have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients to soothe, calm and balance promoting healthier skin over time.


We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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