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Create your own BB cream with Aleph & Makeup Alchemy

June 23, 2023

BB creams have become a beloved choice among makeup enthusiasts for their numerous benefits. With their lightweight and natural finish, they offer flawless coverage while maintaining a "no-makeup" look.

However, what if you could take the concept of this popular product and make it even better? At Aleph, we believe in creating more with less, and that's where the concept of makeup alchemy comes in. By customizing your Aleph products, particularly the Aleph Concealer/Foundation, with a few drops of Serum/Primer, you can create your own BB cream that's tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


The Power of Makeup Alchemy

Makeup alchemy is all about combining different products to achieve a result that is customized to your needs. It involves experimenting with formulas and textures to create a unique blend that suits your skin perfectly. Aleph embraces this concept, allowing you to customize your makeup routine from day to day. It gives you the ability to create endless tones and textures with our small collection of products.


By mixing the Aleph Concealer/Foundation with Serum/Primer, you can transform it into a velvety tinted serum, reminiscent of a BB cream. This not only provides hydration but also offers additional skin care benefits.


Creating Your Own BB Cream

Creating your own BB cream with Aleph is a simple process that offers endless possibilities.


To get started, gather your Aleph Concealer/Foundation, Serum/Primer, and our Mixing tool.

Decant a small amount of concealer/foundation onto the back of your hand.

Add one, two, or three drops of Serum/Primer into the mixture, depending on the level of sheerness and hydration you desire. Remember, a little goes a long way, and three drops would be the maximum amount needed for optimal results.

Add a little Radiance moon mixed into the Concealer/ Foundation & Serum/Primer to create a little more glow and luminosity to the complexion.

The result? A personalized BB cream that caters to your unique preferences and skin type. Don't be afraid to experiment and adjust the proportions until you find the perfect blend that suits your needs.

With Aleph, you can unlock the power of makeup alchemy and create a BB cream that is truly all your own.

Create your own Alchemy. Shop skin care infused makeup here.

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