Mixing Sangha & Grounded Cheek and lip tints to create a Pinky Nude lip colour

Creating your own Perfect Nude Lip Colour with Makeup Alchemy

May 13, 2024

When it comes to finding the perfect nude lip color, the search can often feel like a daunting task. What may appear nude on one person will not necessarily suit another due to the vast array of skin tones and undertones. However, we have a solution that allows you to create a bespoke nude lip color to suit your unique complexion. Aleph Cheek/Lip Tints and the art of makeup alchemy, where blending existing Aleph shades together can help you achieve more tones and the perfect nude lip color for you.

The perfect nude is a color that picks up on a person's natural lip tone and is slightly darker than the natural lip. By following this rule, you can avoid looking washed-out or choosing a shade that is too pale for your complexion. The key lies in considering your natural lip tone and undertones to find the ideal lip-enhancing neutral.

Mixing Sangha & Grounded to create a Pinky nude lip colour

With Aleph Cheek/Lip Tints and our Lip Alchemy technique, you have the power to create a custom nude lip tint that complements your unique complexion. Embrace your creativity and enjoy the process of blending shades until you discover your perfect nude lip color.

Our cheek and lip tint "Grounded" serves as the ideal base nude for creating neutral blends. Try mixing "Grounded" with "Ascend" to achieve a coral nude, or combine ‘Grounded’ with "Sangha" for a beautiful pink-toned nude. For those desiring a warm chocolate brown nude, blend "Grounded" with "Terra," or experiment with "Grounded" and "Crush" to create a stunning rose-toned nude.

Four different nude lipstick recipies using Grounded Cheek & Lip tint

Experiment with different ratios during the blending process. Start by mixing a small amount of "Grounded" as the base shade with another cheek and lip tint. Test the blend on your lips to evaluate how it complements your skin tone and enhances your overall look. Fine-tune the ratios until you achieve your desired nude tone, and get ready to wear the lip-enhancing neutral that flawlessly highlights your natural beauty.

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for the perfect nude lipstick, and instead, become the creator of your own personalized shade that celebrates your unique complexion.

Create your own lip alchemy. Shop Cheek/Lip tints here.

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