Enhance Your Eye Shape with Eyeliner!

Enhance Your Eye Shape with Eyeliner!

March 12, 2024

Emma outlines how to work with your eye shape when using any type of liner and what each effect can give you.

First: Understand Your Eye Shape

Almond eyes, round eyes, hooded eyelids and elongated eyes. A liner, be it a pencil, hybrid eye pigment or a water based liner, can work to adjust and enhance all eye shapes.

The key to redefining the eye shape is to keep it subtle and precise, but if it's more so drama you're after then go bold!

Below we outline how to best apply a liner to accentuate and adjust your eye shape and give the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes.

Create The Appearance of Rounder Eyes

To create a rounder eye shape take your liner and start building directly above the pupil, mimicking the shape of your pupil.

You want to ensure that you don’t cut your eye off so taper off to nothing at the inner and outer corner of the eye. This is ideally suited to give those with elongated or almond shaped eyes for a more opened, youthful appearance.

Create The Appearance of Elongated Eyes

For an elongated eye shape, take your liner and keep the line very minimal until you reach the edge of your pupil. Start to gradually thicken the line as you move towards the outer edge of the eye.

To make sure you don’t drag the eye shape down, continue with the curve of the under eye upwards, follow that line upwards, ensuring you don't extend the flick past the end of your eyebrow.

This suits most eye shapes, and helps to make round eyes appear more almond shaped.

Amplify The Drama With a Statement Cat Eye

To create more of a statement to an elongated eye, extend the eyeliner beyond the inner corner, following the curve of the upper eye line.

Suited to those who like to make a statement

Emma's Hack #1: Add Volume to Your Lashes

This one requires a non smudging pencil or gel liner and works on all eye shapes, and is especially great for defining hooded eyes.

Pressing the liner into the lash line creates the illusion of fuller, thicker, more voluminous lashes. This is a best loved makeup artist trick to create fullness and definition without the look of eyeliner.

Emma's Hack #2: Mimic Lash Extensions

Adding a little flick at the end of your eye gives the illusion of long, extended outer lashes (like lash extensions).

Emma's Must-Do Tip: Always Finish With Lift/Lengthen Mascara

It’s a must to always finish your eye look with Mascara, this is the essential step to framing and opening up the eyes. Lift/Lengthen Mascara is a consciously crafted formula designed to lift, define and add volume to the lashes on application. Over time, the unique Aleph Peptide Blend works to nourish, strengthen and lengthen lashes. 100% microplastic-free, smudge-resistant system, flake-free, natural formulation.  

Which Eyeliner Do We Recommend?

Gel Liner Onyx is a sleek black liner that allows for a range of looks and styles with just one natural product. It is velvety and versatile to gracefully bring out the eyes, this water-based gel uses all natural ingredients for smudge-resistant lines and accents.

Along with its companion duo Liner/Brow Brush to master these looks.

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