Find your Seasonal Match

Find your Seasonal Match

September 01, 2023

Seasons come and go, and with each passing season, our skin undergoes its own transformation. Just as the leaves shift colors and nature evolves, our skin's needs shift as well. Embracing this rhythm of change, Aleph Beauty offers solutions that adapt seamlessly to the evolving needs of your skin through every season.

A steadfast beauty routine can work wonders for your skin's health and radiance. However, what brings out the best in your complexion during summer might not provide the same nourishment in the colder months of winter. Aleph Beauty understands that each complexion unique. Our range has been meticulously crafted to be both versatile and multifunctional, offering a harmonious blend of application ease and skin-enhancing ingredients. This adaptability empowers you to curate your makeup to suit your skin's ever-changing needs throughout the year.


A Seasonal Shift: Navigating Winter's Embrace

As winter's chill sets in, the skin's behavior transforms to adapt to the dry, cold air. Essential moisture evaporates more rapidly, resulting in a parched, flaky texture. Enter our latest release The One. The One is a moisture cream that harnesses the power of a potent stack of ingredients to lock moisture into the skin and protect the skin’s barrier from epidermal water loss. It also works in synergy with our other products to create the perfect base to apply your makeup onto.

If your skin is feeling extra dry, a few drops of Aleph Beauty's Serum/Primer on top of ‘The One’ will provide the extra nourishment needed. Serum/Primer is a skincare and makeup ally full of ingredients to prime and nourish right down into the deep layers of the skin. During winter, when moisture retention is paramount, Serum/Primer comes to the rescue with soothing Tsubaki Oil. This ingredient helps combat transepidermal water loss, ensuring the skin stays hydrated, supple, and rejuvenated despite the season's challenges.

Concealer/Foundation another Aleph gem, lends itself to winter's demands. To counter the dullness often brought on by the lack of moisture, blend Radiance - Moon with Concealer/Foundation. This clever combination not only brightens your complexion but also imparts an ethereal luminosity that defies winter's gloom.

Aleph's Cheek/Lip Tint takes center stage, as winter's frosty air bestows a rosy hue to the cheeks, Aleph's Cheek/Lip Tint echos nature's flush. Match your tint to your natural flush for a harmonious look that captures the essence of vitality.


Unveiling Summer's Radiance: Embracing the Sun-Kissed Glow

Just as life moves through seasons, so does your skin. When summer arrives, sweating becomes more pronounced, impacting makeup longevity and the skin's color may shift to a slightly deeper shade. Aleph Beauty equips you with the ultimate beauty cheat sheet to seamlessly navigate these changes.

Summer is a good time to get an updated Concealer/Foundation color match by sending a makeup free selfie to one of our makeup artists, this way you can ensure your Concealer/Foundation is still the best match for your summer skin. Another must have product for the Summer months is Terra Cheek/Lip Tint. Use it as a bronzer to deepen your foundation shade and add summer warmth to the skin.

Combat excess oil by using Prep/Finish powder as a base under your Concealer/Foundation or to top up during the day, to maintain a shine free complexion.

Our Lucid Lip Gloss/Balm is a perfect summer go-to product to keep the lips protected and hydrated.

Don’t forget to express your creativity by crafting your own unique seasonal shades with Aleph's infinitely mixable products. Our skincare-infused makeup transcends the limitations of traditional cosmetics, embracing the fluidity of your skin's needs. Whether you're basking in summer's glow or cocooned in winter's embrace, Aleph's products are your companions on this ever-changing journey. Embrace the ability to own fewer products while experiencing limitless makeup possibilities.

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