Make Your Makeup Wear Longer

Make Your Makeup Wear Longer

January 17, 2023

We’ve all been there.

After a long day, whether battling the elements or artificial temperature control, our makeup hasn’t held up to expectations.

The good news – this is totally avoidable. By adding a few tweaks to our routine we can minimise slippage, enhance hold and maintain our makeup on-the-go.

Here are Emma’s top pro tips to help your makeup wear longer.

Review Your Routine

With the likes of 12-step skincare routines we often don’t consider the impact of what we’re applying pre-makeup. When we layer skincare products, our skin tries to absorb dozens of nourishing ingredients in a matter of minutes.

By the time we go to apply makeup (aka. five minutes later), these products are still sitting on top of the skin. Although primer helps for a smooth makeup application, it can’t completely rebalance the effect of an overloaded complexion.

If you find your makeup isn’t lasting, or is completely slipping off your face, it could be time to review your routine. Opt for products that offer multiple benefits within one formula, reducing the number of different serums and creams you need to apply each morning.

Layer it Right

When we say layer, we don’t mean layers of makeup and the fear of a cakey finish.

Instead, we can enhance longevity by strategically adjusting the application technique for optimal results.

Key tips to making your makeup last longer

  1. Prep the skin. Serum/Primer preps the skin with ultra nourishing and skin barrier protecting ingredients. The unique light oil texture also creates a velvety feel that holds Concealer/Foundation pigment in place. Pro tip- less is more, use 2-3 drops for the entire face.
  2. Coverage - Buff Concealer/Foundation into the skin using Diffuser Brush. Pro Tip- apply very sparingly and layer to your desired coverage. This ensures coverage that lasts by allowing the nourishing ingredients in Concealer/Foundation to soak into the skin instead of sitting on top.
  3. Apply Concealer with the finger tip. Pro Tip, avoid overloading the delicate skin around the eye. That means less is more (a common theme!) The less emollients you have around the eye, the less will sit on the surface of the skin.
  4. Pro Tip - Prep/Finish Powder is great to set Concealer around the eye or on it’s own as an eyeshadow primer to prep the lid.
  5. Set the rest of your makeup with Prep/Finish Powder. Key Tip- Use Aleph powder Brush in a deliberate pressing and rolling motion to avoid disrupting foundation.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.


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