Aleph Cheek/Lip Tint Grounded mixed with Terra

What is Makeup Alchemy? And how it helps you.

May 16, 2023

How to achieve a lot more, with a lot less (and still elevate your look).

We’re tired of the endless makeup counter, always filled with too many options offering complicated solutions. It’s easy to collect new cosmetic products by the dozen – which can mean piles of ineffective products that stick around in your makeup bag unused for years.

More products mean more waste and clutter – for both your wallet and the planet. That’s why at Aleph, we’re re-thinking the traditional makeup cabinet.

Rather than filling drawers with tubes and bottles all made for different purposes, our vision is to offer the versatility of an infinite makeup collection with just a few adaptable products.

We call it makeup alchemy – where each Aleph formula is designed to be used or mixed in a number of different ways. The result is a consciously curated collection of quality products packed with endless potential.

Alchemy for foundation

Some people spend years hunting for the perfect BB cream or for their ideal foundation. Not too runny, not too thick, pigment-adjusting, and designed for skin health. Instead of blindly buying product after product looking for the right fit, what if you could adjust it to suit your needs on any given day?

Aleph Serum/Primer mixed with Concealer/Foundation

Makeup alchemy is about providing products that work synergistically together to create more than you started with. By mixing Aleph Concealer/Foundation with one, two or three drops of Serum Primer, you can create a velvety tinted serum and adjust the consistency to your liking. This also offers extra hydration while the specially selected ingredients proactively treat the skin.

Alchemy to add extra dimension to your complexion

Create an extra spark of vitality, an ethereal glow or a sunkissed vibe, add your choice of Radiance Balm to your mixture.

Rather than watering down makeup into foundation tubes, which only work in one way, we choose to offer condensed formulas that can be morphed and changed. With a fully compatible collection, a few simple products can offer the value of dozens.

Alchemy for lips, cheeks and lids

When it comes to lip colors, just one is never enough. We all have a bag full of different shades, textures and hues to match the lip to the look.

In the Aleph collection, this color exploration looks a little different. While every Cheek/Lip Tint is designed to be used on their own, they can also be mixed – both with other tints and with Radiance Balm.

Each hue has been crafted to bring out colors that naturally exist in the face, meaning that they are all highly compatible, universal and complementary. Adding Radiance Balm will add pearlescence or added brilliance to the color to help you achieve your desired look.

Makeup alchemy works a little differently for Aleph Hybrid Eye Pigment. With a unique texture, this line allows control over the intensity of the pigment on application. Whether you’re looking for a pencil liner look, a soft shadow or an intense pigment, this hybrid formula works like multiple products in one.

Streamline your drawers and reduce waste

The bottom line is that more products equals more waste. Plastic tubes and uncleanable, unrecyclable packages add up with every purchase from conventional brands.

Part of the thinking behind makeup alchemy is to create products that allow for more versatility and require fewer packages overall. This ultimately means you get the same range of makeup without wasting bottles, water, and cabinet space.

The system is also designed to reduce the buildup of clutter and overwhelming options in your makeup case, helping you travel light without sacrificing your favorite makeup items. Think of makeup alchemy like Mary Poppins’ bag – just a few quality products with hidden, expansive potential inside every jar.

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