Simple Swaps To Reduce Plastic In Our Homes

Simple Swaps To Reduce Plastic In Our Homes

June 27, 2024

Welcome to Plastic Free July! As we kick off this important month, our team is excited to share the various ways we're reducing plastic in our homes and daily lives.  From ditching synthetic fabrics in our wardrobes to buying second hand and refilling where we can. With simple swaps we're committed to making a difference, and we hope to inspire you to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable future. Let's work together to minimize plastic waste and create healthier, cleaner environments for everyone.

"I've replaced wet wipes and makeup wipes with reusable wipes. I just throw them in the wash when I'm done with them. It's not only good for the environment but also my skin."

-Jenny, Logistics Manager

"I try to source cleaning and laundry products that are sold in non-plastic bottles. There are good refill options out there for glass bottles at supermarkets now, which makes it and easy swap!"

-Eileen, Finance & Sustainability Officer

"I've got a 2 year old and that is often coupled with a lot of plastic toys that make their way into our home. I've been instead of purchasing new, giving him hand-me-down toys from his cousin or buying toys second hand."

- Yelena, Marketing

"No plastic wraps for school lunches, just beeswax reusable wraps. Even the kids' lunch boxes are metal, which they think is so embarrassing! No plastic drink bottles... lucky Stanley and Frank Green are trending.
All of our pantry items are in glass jars. It looks better that way too.
Also I've never been able to stand synthetic fabrics. Turns out they shed microplastics everywhere; on the body, down the drain when washing, so out into the oceans. Buy natural fibre clothes; more comfortable and they don't smell as much either!

- Jim, CMO

"Over the last number of years our family has made a conscious shift towards how we approach plastics in our home, especially around plastic packaging from food. We collect and always place it in the 'Soft Plastic Recycling' bin at our local supermarket. I love to know that it's been made into planter boxes or Fence posts and re-purposed.
We dont purchase small convenient packs like small chip bags and snacks, instead purchase in bulk to remove the amount of plastic. This goes for our cleaning and washing products as well, where we refill larger vessels every few months. It's been great to see the kids come on board and do their part too with 'plastic free lunchboxes', making sure we take responsibility to place any plastic in the right channels and think of our choices."

-Bex, Sales, PR and Community Manager

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