The Biggest Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making.

The Biggest Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making.

January 09, 2024

The Aleph range of multi-tasking makeup is designed to be simple to apply and with the right advice anyone can apply their makeup like a pro. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you may be making with your makeup and tips on how to avoid them:

Mismatched foundation:

Choosing the wrong shade of foundation is a common mistake. A foundation that matches your skin's undertone; looks like your skin… but better. Test the foundation before committing, and look at it on your skin in natural light. Our Pro Makeup Artists are on hand to help you select the perfect Concealer/Foundation shade for your complexion. With every Concealer/Foundation you purchase, you receive a sample of the color chosen as well as another of your choice, this way you can ensure you've selected the correct color.

Overdoing or completely forgetting to do your eyebrows:

Brows can naturally thin with age and neglecting to fill them can cause your makeup to look unbalanced. Take a natural approach and use Hybrid Eye Pigment to fill patchy spots, focusing on bringing the fullness back to your brows. Overly bold or heavily drawn eyebrows can look unnatural, aim for a natural shape that complements your face, and use a light hand when filling them in.

Ignoring skincare:

Proper skincare is the foundation of good makeup. Cleansing the skin daily and exfoliating away old skin cells weekly is so important for smooth, clear skin. Neglecting to Moisturize, and prime your skin can affect the way makeup sits on your face. The One Reset and restore moisture cream and Serum/Primer are all you need to prep and prime the skin for flawless makeup application, as they are designed to work together with your makeup.

Overdoing skincare:

Overusing skincare can leave the skin excessively moist. While hydration is crucial, an overly dewy or sticky complexion can cause makeup to slide off or not adhere properly. Applying multiple layers of skincare products without allowing sufficient time for each to absorb can lead to product pilling. This occurs when the products clump together, forming tiny balls on the skin. Pilling can disrupt the application of foundation and other makeup products.

Not blending properly:

Blending is key to achieving a seamless and natural look. Whether it's foundation, eyeshadow, or blush, make sure to blend well to create a soft natural makeup and avoid harsh lines. Also, remember that less is more when applying the Aleph range. Start with a minimal amount of product and build it. Buff your Concealer/Foundation and Cheek/Lip Tint into the skin then layer for additional coverage. You don't want to see the product "swiping" on your face.

Using an overly matte foundation finish:

As we age, our skin loses collagen and elasticity and starts appearing more dehydrated. If you've always used a mattifying foundation, it might now exacerbate the look of dryness, fine lines, and dull skin. Instead, go for hydration! Aleph Concealer/ Foundation has a satin finish and is infused with nourishing ingredients to improve the skin over time. Use a powder that blurs imperfections and focus on applying powder only where needed, with a light hand. Aleph Prep/Finish Powder is multi-functional powder with skincare benefits to prime and protect the skin, while also helping set your makeup for extra longevity.

Not adjusting your makeup routine as you age:

As the skin changes over time, makeup application should adapt to accommodate these changes. If you are still wearing the same look you wore two decades ago, it’s time to update your application.

Neglecting to clean makeup tools or replace your products often enough:

Dirty brushes and expired products can spread bacteria leading to breakouts. Regularly clean your makeup tools and replace expired products to maintain their effectiveness and prevent skin issues.

Remember that makeup is a personal form of expression, and what works for one person may not work for another. Feel free to experiment and find techniques that enhance your natural features while allowing your individuality to shine through.

For more application tips watch Emma’s Tutorial videos here

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