Aleph Beauty's Prep/Finish Powder

The translucent powder Professional MUA's Swear By

June 16, 2023

Prep/Finish Powder is a Must-Have Product for Makeup Artists

Have you ever wondered why translucent powder holds such a sacred place in the makeup kits of professional Makeup Artists (MUA’s)? And why Aleph’s Prep/Finish powder has become a holy grail product for many professionals. We reveal why our Prep/Finish Translucent Powder is an indispensable tool in the beauty arsenal of every MUA.

One of the primary reasons MUA's rely on translucent powder is its unique ability to blur imperfections and diffuse light. Its ultra-fine texture effortlessly melts into the skin, creating a soft-focus effect that minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven texture.

Celebrity makeup artist and MUA on the Sex & the City sequel ‘And just like that…’, Kerrie Plant-Price loved using Aleph Prep/Finish powder for its ability to blur fine lines and pores.

“It's the best, it's the only powder I use on set. It takes the shine out just enough and smooths fine lines and pores. I use a small powder brush to apply it, it's hard consistency allows you to use not too much all at once. It's the perfect blend, I love the transparency. You can see its magic on Cynthia Nixon in 'And just like that…” - Kerrie Plant-Price

Aleph Beauty's Prep/Finish Powder

One Powder for All Skin Types and Tones

Aleph Prep/Finish Powder is Ideal for all skin types, perfect for those prone to rosacea, oily skin or larger pores by blurring skin irregularities in the moment and working to promote balanced, smoother skin overtime.

Kelly Mitchell, Film and television makeup artist who was nominated for TVNZ makeup artist of the year in 2022 for her work on the TV show ‘The Panthers’ is a fan of Aleph Prep/Finish powder for its versatility.

"I love the versatility of the product. I find it great on my actors as a prep first and a then light dusting finish after applying Aleph foundation. Especially for the no makeup look." - Kelly Mitchell

This is precisely what sets Alephs Pre/Finish Powder apart from other powders on the market, It is both a priming base for Concealer/Foundation for those who need extra longevity or prefer a matte look, but you can also create an invisible second skin to set makeup by powdering all over the face, making it the go-to choice for achieving that coveted "no-makeup" makeup look.

The versatility of translucent powder makes it a favorite among MUA's. Unlike colored powders, which are specific to certain skin tones or purposes, translucent powder transcends boundaries. It works harmoniously with any skin tone, blending seamlessly to create a natural, radiant finish. This adaptability allows MUA's to curate their kits with confidence, knowing that translucent powder can cater to the diverse needs of their clients, regardless of complexion.

Aleph Beauty's Prep/Finish Powder

Mattify Makeup for Extra Longevity

Another crucial aspect of translucent powder is its ability to control shine and oiliness throughout the day. Professional MUA's often find themselves working in various environments, from facing the elements on a TV set, to well-lit photo shoots, to hot crowded event venues. No matter the situation, maintaining a matte and shine-free complexion for their client is vital.

Jade Brett, makeup designer for ID Dunedin fashion week has used our powder both for fashion runway and on her many Bridal clients.

“After working in the industry for 14 years, I have never come across such a versatile powder. I use this on all my brides for a flawless makeup look that lasts all day. I can use this product as a pressed powder or loose powder with the right technique.” - Jade Brett

Translucent powder acts as a trusted ally always in hand, effectively absorbing excess oil and preserving the integrity of the makeup look for hours on end. A necessary accessory in every brides handbag for on the go touch ups.

Aleph Beauty’s Prep / Finish Translucent Powder has earned its well-deserved place in the beauty industry as a crucial tool in the MUA's arsenal. Get ready to elevate your makeup game to a whole new level with the transformative power of Aleph Prep/ Finish Powder!

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