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Your skin's new Superhero. Are you ready to change your skin for good?

November 02, 2019

The highly effective multi-tasking hero your skin deserves

Our Serum/Primer is the skincare companion every complexion has been waiting for. Here's why it's a game changer for your skin.

In a world where time is a rare commodity and high performance is a non-negotiable must for us all, serums have become a skincare mandate.

The hype is legitimate. Here’s why.

Generally speaking, Serums are free from unnecessary ingredients like fillers, which reduce a formula’s efficiency. They are made of a high concentration of potent active ingredients that penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. Which means serums deliver faster, more effective results than regular creams and lotions.

But while the market is saturated with products touting great promises, finding a formula that is sustainable, stable and performant at the same time hasn’t been an easy task for clean beauty fans who want – and deserve – efficient skincare.

That is, until now.

It took our Founder Emma months of researching and testing her ideal formula with our development team. There was a lot of going back and forth to ensure neither sustainability nor skincare efficiency was ever compromised. But patience has definitely paid off and Aleph Serum/Primer truly delivers on many levels:

A natural collagen production booster

A long-time favourite of both Japanese and Chinese medicinal traditions, and the secret of a Geisha’s flawless skin texture, the natural anti-inflammatory Tsubaki oil promotes a healthy, natural collagen synthesis, thus improving your skin’s elasticity. The result is a plumper and smoother skin texture.

Another proactive ageing perk of the Tsubaki oil we love is the reduction of the transepidermal water loss - think of it as a leaking pipe that travels from one layer of your skin to the next.

TEWL (short for transepidermal water loss) is an important indicator of not just your skin’s health but also your overall good health as it signals dehydration.TEWL increases naturally over time, which contributes to worsen visible signs of ageing like a drier texture and the faster formation of fine lines. So by reducing TEWL, moisture is retained and ultimately your skin looks healthier, fresher and younger-looking.*

Aleph Serum/Primer

Packed with an innovative plant “stem” cell complex

Made of active extracts from the “Bluebird” hibiscus plant, Aleph Serum/Primer works at the cellular level to counter the natural weakening of your skin’s metabolism.

Stimulating your proteasome (the regulating complex that acts like a wood chipper and gets rid of your oxidised, damage cells), this powerful plant cell complex boosts and maintains your natural skin’s cellular metabolism to optimum capacity. But that’s not all.

It also bolsters your cellular respiration activity, which reduces the damage caused by the oxidation of your cells. The visible impact of this reduction of natural free radicals is a decrease in the formation of wrinkles but also an improvement in your skin’s appearance as existing lines are softened, in both depth and size.

A deeply nourishing moisturiser

As the concentration levels are higher in a serum than they are in a moisturising cream, the formula is by default less heavy. It means that the potent active dose of extracts from macadamia oil and jojoba deliver faster and greater hydration. Yet none of the breakouts and clogged pores sometimes associated with heavier skincare. Think richer, the lighter way. Welcome news for all skin types (including those with very oily skin), who want to boost radiance and fight the visible signs of ageing.

Another bonus of the oil-free jojoba extract contained in Aleph Serum/Primer is its high stability. Think of the stability of a formula like its fresh and efficiency measure. The more stable, the more efficient. For instance, a fresh fruit will deliver the best of its nutrients, while a stale fruit won’t. And the jojoba extract has more than twice the stability of traditional skin nourishing blockbusters like shea butter, argan and almond oils, which means there is no waste of key skin nutrients.

A powerful skin barrier protector

When researching eco-responsible alternatives to palm oil, Emma and the development team made an interesting discovery about the milk thistle extract they’ve used instead.

It turns out to be a helpful multi-functional ingredient. Rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and acting like a lipid cement, it helps to strengthen your stratum corneum - your skin barrier.

So not only is your skin naturally protected from external free radicals but it also retains optimum levels of moisture to keep it as healthy and young-looking as possible, for a longer time.

A Vit C-powered natural antioxidant

A real superfood, the Kakadu Plum contains more than 50 times the vitamin C of an orange. Which makes the Kakadu Plum seed oil the perfect antioxidant to help your skin fight free radicals and boosts your skin metabolism – and the perfect ingredient to add to our skincare superhero.

Another proactive ageing benefit from this Northern Australian fruit wonder is its ability to regulate your skin’s melanin production, thus reducing hyperpigmentation and boosting radiance.

A supercharged primer

Most serums contain synthetic silicon to hold the formula. Yet they feel sticky and slippery on your skin. By choosing milk thistle instead, we secured a perfect hold but none of the slippery texture, which makes Aleph Serum/Primer an excellent primer option.

Fresh upon applying and quickly absorbed into the skin, it leaves your skin silky smooth, nourished yet never tacky. A real time saver, there is no waiting time before application of make-up and the staying power of the pigments is strengthened, saving you touch-ups on-the-go later in the day.

A luxurious skin treat

Applying your skincare should always be a relaxing ritual – and a special me time.

This is exactly why the delicate yet subtle scent of East Indian sandalwood will soothe your skin as much as your mind. Known for its calming and soothing skincare properties as much as for its caring, warm scent, sandalwood rounds up this effective, sustainable and stable formula in the most comforting way.

A sustainable choice

Fresh water represents only 2.5% of our planet’s water with only 1% easily accessible.

Traditionally, water makes up 60-80% of your moisturiser or lotion using a lot of fresh water in the production process.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Aleph. This is why our “Beauty that is good for you” concept is not just beauty that works but also beauty that is good for you and the planet. And one of the reasons why we developed a serum that contains no water.

By using a plant-based emollient, our Aleph Serum/Primer optimises the potency of its active ingredients but also helps to reduce our collective water consumption.

Now, are you ready to change your skin for good?

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* Results based on in vitro and clinical tests conducted on a range of women ages 40-65 yo.

** Clinical results showed an overall decrease in total length of wrinkles of 30%.

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