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Immortal Trends & Makeup Essentials: Sophie Chung

February 07, 2023

Introducing beauty expert and entrepreneur Sophie Chung — one of our muses for authentic and relatable beauty advice.

As Founder and Editor of Chatty Chums, Sophie wanted to create a community space that would explore beauty, fashion and home trends beyond the two-dimensional facade of an instagram page.

Sophie is immersed in the world of natural beauty. We had the pleasure of partnering with her to create a three-part content series where she created her ultimate 90s girl look, a clean-girl beauty look, and ideal Valentines red-lip.

Filled with ideas for the future, and always with an eye out for developing trends, Sophie offers a fresh and down-to-earth perspective on how we can all approach aesthetics with a little more integrity.


Hi Sophie, tell us about yourself! What is Chatty Chums all about?


My name is Sophie Chung. I’m the Founder and Editor of Chatty Chums, Digital Editor of WOMAN+ and Beauty Editor of M2woman Magazine.

I started Chatty Chums back in 2016. I wanted to create a space that was relatable with real stories from real people as I felt like magazines and Instagram were sending people down a black hole of compare and despair.

It just seemed like such a false facade that lacked authenticity and integrity. We’re a very community minded platform and have all the latest news in beauty, fashion and home trends as well a Mindcrumbs section, which consists of real stories of struggles or funny life episodes!

It’s an aesthetically pleasing yet honest place to get your fix.


It's a new year, what are your beauty resolutions for 2023?


My new years beauty resolution is to use more beauty tools like LED masks, guasha and a home roller. I also need to get back into retinol, active rich anti-aging creams and skincare-infused makeup as I’m starting to see the effects of aging more and more since hitting my 30’s!


What's your go-to digital platform for beauty inspiration/or tutorials? Do you use Tiktok?


I’m not on Tik Tok a lot, no! I still use Instagram primarily for my visual feed as I find Tik Tok a bit too stimulating. Apparently, IG is going to push photos again this year, which I’m really excited about!

I love @dahyeshka for fashion and @stxph.h for makeup inspo. But to be honest, the fashion and beauty writers for Chatty Chums are so ahead of the game, they keep me in the loop when I edit their pieces, way before I find the trends myself on social media!


What would we find in your makeup bag if you were heading away for a weekend escape?


It depends if I’m away to relax or if there’s a party involved but if looking good is on the agenda, I’d take: Aleph Gel Liner Onyx and Liner/Brow Brush, a variety of lipstick shades and glosses from utilitarian red to neutral pinky nudes, browns and rose, brow pencil and wax, a sheer foundation - Aleph’s one is so good with Serum/Primer, bronzing stick, a brightening concealer, cream blushes, mascara, finishing powder and spray. And of course, I’d take my makeup brushes!


What is your top makeup tip? What have you learned over the years working in beauty?


Don’t overload - in both skincare and makeup. Your face will end up looking greasy and cakey if you wear too many layers. I also like to keep it simple and accentuate my features - it exudes more confidence than a full face of heavy makeup! But maybe that’s an age thing. Also, a good set of brows are really important!


I know you have mentioned a winged eyeliner is your signature look, any tips for achieving the perfect eyeliner?


Use the aleph brush. It’s the best I’ve ever used! The bristles of Liner/Brow Brush are super soft so you won’t get teary eyed and together with Gel Liner Onyx, it’s super easy to apply!

Just have a q-tip handy to drag the tip upwards and clean up the line. I also only line from outer third of the eye as I like the look of long foxy eyes as opposed to the doe-eyed look.


What is your ‘must-have’ Aleph product and why?


Gel Liner Onyx and Liner/Brow Brush. It’s hands down, the best eyeliner I’ve ever used - and I’ve tried a lot!

I’m also vibing Lucid Lip Gloss/Balm these days since it launched. And all of the brushes are epic too!


Biggest beauty learning from the past year?


Don’t forget to sunblock the decolletage, chest, hands and arms - religiously.

And also, tech neck wrinkles are REAL. Get a phone tripod if you want to look at your phone for a while so it’s at eye level instead of hunching over it.

Also, your one set of adult teeth are yours to care for forever - do not use those teeth whitening kits as they’ll give you cavities! You’ll need those teeth when you’re in your 80’s!


What’s your favourite makeup hack or go-to look?


When I’m in a rush, use a lipstick like the Aleph Cheek/Lip Tint to add colour to your lips, nose, cheeks, eyes, temples and above the brow - it creates a really uniform look that ties it all together - blush is such an easy way to make you look energised and young!

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For beauty news, culture, and real-life honest stories check out Chatty Chums.

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About Sophie Chung

Founder and Editor of Chatty Chums, Digital Editor of WOMAN+ and Beauty Editor of M2woman Magazine, Sophie is an inspiring creator and entrepreneur.

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