Bold Vintage Red: Sangha

Named after ‘sang’, which is used throughout Latin based languages to mean ‘blood’, this word does more than just describe the densely pigmented tone of this new shade.

Emma resonated with the word Sangha during her earlier yoga training. Used in Sanskrit to encompass a sense of family and community, she felt this translated to the power and strength embodied in a bold red lip.

Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Sangha is a deep, vintage red that sits right in the middle of the colour spectrum to create a true red – not too blue or too orange, and formulated to suit most skin tones. As with all of our Cheek/Lip Tints, this densely pigmented product has a vibrant colour payoff and requires minimal application.

Although you may not think to wear a red tint as a blush, Sangha adds the most beautiful warm glow when worn sheer on the cheeks. Pick-up the tiniest amount of product by lightly dabbing a clean fingertip over the pot and pat onto the cheeks or lips for a wash of colour. Less is more, so start small and build up the intensity. Or heighten the intensity by applying with a lip brush – of which, we finally have our own!


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