Festive Makeup for Beauty Minimalists

Celebrate the holidays with a festive colour combination. Learn how to recreate this look for Christmas Day.

Get in the spirit, get that Christmas glow, and get ready in minimal time.

Celebrate the holidays with this festive colour combination – perfect to pair with your Christmas Day outfit. Here's how to recreate this look:

  1. BASE. Prep the skin by dusting Prep/Finish Powder all over the face, including the eyelids, with the Powder Brush. Using the Diffuser Brush, buff Concealer/Foundation into the skin in small circular motions, paying attention to areas where you want extra coverage. Apply Concealer/Foundation to the under eye area using clean fingertips.
  2. CHEEKS. Draw a line from the pupil down to the bottom of the nose, this is the perfect position to dot your Cheek/Lip Tint. Picking up a small amount of product at a time, gently pat Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Sangha onto the apples of the cheeks. Use a clean finger to blend up and out, evenly diffusing the colour across the cheeks. With a clean fingertip, smooth Radiance ~ Star onto the high points of the cheeks.
  3. EYES. Using a clean fingertip, swipe Radiance ~ Star over the eyelid and dot on the inner corners. Using a firm eyeshadow brush, apply Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra to the crease and blend to the outer corners of the eye and under the lower lash line. Line the upper lash with eyeliner and finish eyes with mascara.
  4. FINISH. Powder the T-zone with Prep/Finish Powder, keeping the dewy finish for the rest of the face.
  5. LIPS. To create a precise bold lip, use the Lip Brush to smooth Sangha onto the bottom lip, line from the cupids bow to the corners and fill in the colour.

Christmas presents the perfect occasion to play with your newest Aleph products, so start practicing this look before the big day next week!


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