How To: Create Cheek/Lip Tint Combinations

Create maximum versatility by combining Cheek/Lip Tints to create different colours and so many more looks.

In this video, Emma demonstrates the ultimate versatility of Aleph Cheek/Lip Tints by creating some of her favourite colour combinations.

Using the Mixing Tool, scrape out a tiny amount of each colour and mix on the back of the hand. Emma likes to use a 1:1 ratio, but this can be customised depending on the depth of colour desired.

For the cheeks, always use the fingertip to lightly smooth the colour over Concealer/Foundation. Then use a clean finger to gently blend the product into the cheeks.

Use either the fingertip or a lip brush to pop the colour onto the lips. The dense pigmentation of these makeup pots eliminates the need for lip liner, so the same colour can be applied with a lip brush to define the lipline.

One of Emma's lesser-known tricks is to use Serum/Primer to nourish and soften the lips before Cheek/Lip Tint application. Prep the lips by dabbing on a drop of Serum/Primer and letting that absorb for a few minutes. This is great for the winter when lips can become much drier.

Serum/Primer also makes for a quick and easy lip colour remover, perfect for nourishing the lips at the same time. When switching between colours (as Emma does in this video), Serum/Primer takes the colour straight off without stripping the sensitive skin on the lips.