Learn to Create a Glowing Look for Party Season

Get party-ready with Emma.

Get party ready with Emma as she demonstrates a quick and easy look.

Skin prep is key, start with Serum/Primer to create a velvety base.

Emma chooses Concealer/Foundation around the eyes for brightness and a 2.0 shade for the rest of the face, creating the perfect skin-like finish through gradual application and blending with Aleph Diffuser Brush.

Create a bronzed contour using Cheek Lip Tint Terra and a buffer brush for a warm, dimensional look.

Terra is also great on the eyes, buffed into the contour and under the lash line and set with Prep Finish Powder before applying Flicker Hybrid Eye Pigment, for bronzy brightness on the eyelids.

Eyebrows are shaped and defined using Glint, a golden ochre shade suitable for lighter hair. For eyes, Gel Liner Onyx is used to define the eyes and create a fuller looking lash. Complete with Lift Length Mascara for dramatic, lifted lashes, a light touch of Emanate on cheeks and lips, Lucid Lip Gloss Balm for glossy lips, and Radiance Star for a perfect party glow!