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5 Pinterest-Worthy Ways To Reuse Your Makeup Containers and Head Towards A Zero Waste Lifestyle

May 22, 2019

When it comes to helping keep the planet clean, your beauty collection can be a great place to focus your energies.

Literally tonnes and tonnes...and tonnes and tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea, clogging waterways, harming animals and sabotaging earth's chance of survival. For a long time, the beauty industry has played an unfortunate role in the production and dumping of non-recyclable material. But, we’re taking a stand.

At Aleph, sustainability underpins our entire philosophy. We believe in reusing as much as we can, to keep our environment healthy and happy - so we may continue living here for the long haul.

Before you bin your entire collection of empty, expired or half-used makeup, consider repurposing those containers. We’ve discovered many fun ways to reuse our own Aleph jars, we hope they inspire you to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle.

1. Do-it-yourself candles

    zero waste beauty, diy candle holder

    When it comes to relaxation, candles are our go-to fix. In our opinion, there’s no scenario that couldn’t be improved by lighting a deliciously scented candle. A bold statement, we know. But that might be why we’re so in love with this reusable jar idea! 

    Creating tea light candles from your empties is a great way to help out the planet, mainly because it’s so simple and inexpensive. Plus, they make for a bespoke and beautiful present. All you need is soy wax, your pick of essential oils (we recommend lavender), a candle wick and that’s it! Once you’ve perfected your wax, carefully pour the mix into an empty jar and hold the wick in the centre while the wax hardens. And just like that, you’re a candle-making connoisseur.

    2. Keep your jewellery safe

    Gone are the days of missing studs and lost rings. We like to use our Aleph jars to store those smaller pieces of jewellery that often fall prey to dark crevices or the couch cushions (and are never to be seen again). Small, compact and completely chic, our glass jars will compliment your vanity or bedside table perfectly! They have also been known to house pairs of tiny clip-on earrings belonging to a certain diva of a 5-year-old!

    3. On-hand vitamin container

    zero waste beauty, pill box

    Guilty of skipping your morning vitamin intake? Forever forgetting to pack your daily dose? With a handy little Aleph jar by your side, you’ll never lose them again. When you have a busy day planned, just store your vitamins in an empty makeup jar and pop it into your handbag the night before so there’s no chance of forgetting them in the morning. Love this tip!

    4. Travel essentials

    If you have ever travelled before, you’ll know the benefits of a pocket-sized beauty kit. Half the size, yet considerably more convenient - especially when you’re flying. There’s usually not enough room for your legs, let alone your entire vanity cabinet. Sigh. Next time you polish off a product, keep the container for your next adventure away. You can pack the Aleph jars with your must-have moisturiser, toothpaste, eye cream, even deodorant (which you can create yourself, FYI). You’ll step off the plane looking fresher than when you got on!

    5. Create a DIY scrub

    zero waste beauty, diy scrub

    Ready to scrub your way to glowing skin, all while helping the planet stay beautiful? From coffee and rosehip oil to honey and brown sugar, there are many delicious scrub combinations you can create from your kitchen and store in your empty jars. Whether it’s for your face, body or lip, these jars can be tucked neatly away in your fridge for whenever you need some TLC. Our favourite skin-boosting recipe? Coconut oil, honey and raw sugar. Mmmm.

    With a DIY scrub, not only are you being eco-friendly, but you’re also saving your wallet some extra dosh. Store-bought scrubs can be a little pricey and let’s face it, your natural homemade version will probably be a lot better in quality… If you don’t eat it first.

    Now, all you need are your beautiful tea light candles, a warm bath and you have one relaxing evening ahead of you.


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