The pursuit of beauty is ancient.
The act of applying makeup to enhance and beautify our features is one of life’s enduring rituals.

Until recently, to find something that could nurture and nourish the skin, rather than toxify it, was close to impossible.

At one with nature

After a career as a top makeup artist, our founder Emma Peters knows this first hand. She also knows that for her to be at one with being part of the business of beauty, her makeup range first needed to be at one with the planet.

Aleph is based on an all-encompassing expression of universal oneness.

Aleph is made, owned and operated in beautiful New Zealand.

At one with nurture

Aleph is intelligently crafted makeup that is as nurturing as it is flattering. A professional, high-performance, minimal makeup range, Aleph is transparent about every ingredient as well as the complete packaging process.

Consciously formulated with premium vegan ingredients that actively nourish the skin, Aleph is clean makeup but with skincare benefits. Think toxin free, GMO free, cruelty and child labour free, vegan, then add what will support and love your skin as it enhances your unique beauty.

A highly customizable range, every Aleph product is designed to work in synergy with each other to create endless textures, shades and finishes. It is alchemy at your fingertips.

Meet our founder, Emma


We value ingredients that are in synchronicity with planet Earth. Our ingredients must be sourced ethically and sustainability and do no harm to people, planet or animals. We avoid unnecessary additives, fillers and water where possible.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • No GMO
  • No toxins
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