I have eczema / psoriasis / acne / rosacea; are Aleph products safe for my skin?

Our formulations are carefully created using ingredients known to be soothing and gentle to sensitive skin conditions. Every sensitivity is different and while it’s impossible to guarantee against sensitivities, we’ve had many customers coming back with positive feedback in regards to their skin conditions after using Aleph.

I am vegan, do the Aleph products OR packaging (inks, dyes, glues) contain any animal products or by-products?

The entire Aleph makeup range is vegan and cruelty-free, as is the packaging and our brushes. We use vegetable ink and vegan glue in our packaging. Our brushes are vegan and have been made to the highest quality and designed to last a very long time. So while our brushes comprise synthetic fibres that are not able to be recycled in the current system, your Aleph brushes are designed to outlast animal hair brushes removing the need to continually replace your brushes.

Are Aleph ingredients/products tested on animals?

No. Aleph does not test on animals at any stage of the makeup formulation & manufacture process.

Is Aleph packaging able to be recycled in New Zealand kerbside recycling, or composted?

Aleph is committed to sustainability and maintaining a healthy planet. Our packaging is FSC certified, which means that it adheres to ten principles that honour treaties, workers’ rights, indigenous land rights, the social and economic wellbeing of local communities, long-term economic viability, natural ecosystems and environmental impacts, adaptive management, risk of management, and compliance to economic, environmental and social policies and objectives. Our ink is vegetable ink. The outer box packaging is 100% compostable including the clear stickers on the box and base of the glass jar thanks to Pure Labels. Our lids are made from infinitely recyclable aluminium and jars from glass but due to the size of these components, are unlikely to be recycled in kerbside recycling. We encourage all Aleph packaging to be returned to us so that we may seperate each material and ensure they end up into the correct recycling stream.

Are Aleph products sent out in packaging that is environmentally-friendly?

When we send Aleph makeup products to you, they are carefully wrapped in home compostable bags. The courier label is commercially compostable.

Where are the Aleph products formulated?

All Aleph products are formulated and manufactured in New Zealand. Aleph Vegan Brushes are manufactured in Italy.

What is conscious Beauty?

Conscious Beauty is being mindful of the products you are consuming as part of your beauty routine. This means being aware of the ingredients they contain, the process in which they were formulated, the supply chain, how they were manufactured, how they are packaged and the impact they have on your body and wellbeing, animals and the planet.

What is Enlightened Beauty?

Enlightened Beauty is how we describe the ethos of Aleph. We define this as seeking knowledge, seeking to understand, making smart decisions around beauty purchases, which incorporates into a conscious lifestyle.

What constitutes a Conscious Business?

A conscious business considers all its stakeholders in every decision it makes. This includes suppliers, partners, employees, manufacturers, shipping and consumers. At Aleph, we adhere to conscious business best practises and seek to “do no harm” as well as contribute positively to the creation of a more empowered, happy and healthy world.

Why did you name your company Aleph Beauty?

The word Aleph represents divine oneness, every thing, and the nothing in between, altogether. It’s a beautiful word that encapsulates the essence of what we are about. In creating a range of products that function beautifully and do no harm to people, planet, or animals, we strive to take consideration of the whole.

Why are my products firmer in colder weather?

Aleph products are designed to warm to the skin. This allows for optimal wear and to last well without creating a sticky texture or sliding. This means that in cooler weather, the product requires more warmth from the skin prior to application. Using a clean finger to rub over the surface of the pot a few times will help this or for more intensity, scrape out a small amount onto the back of the hand, warm and apply from there.

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