What is Radiance for?

Radiance is a little bit of makeup Alchemy, designed to give your makeup more dimension. May be used on the eyelid to attract more light in to the eyes, used to highlight the high points of the face, to mix with Cheek / Lip Tint to add pearlescence or mix with Concealer /Foundation for an extra glowy complexion.

How do I apply Radiance?

To apply to the eyes; with a clean finger, swirl the finger tip over the top of the product to warm it up. Slick over the eyelid close to the lash line to attract light into the eyes.

To highlight the cheekbones; warm up the product with a clean fingertip and smooth onto the tops of the cheekbones for a soft highlight.

To add glow to Concealer / Foundation; using Mixing Tool, scoop out ⅓ of a pea sized amount of Concealer/ Foundation onto the back of the hand. Then add one third of that amount of your preferred Radiance. Mix with the fingertip so that Radiance melts into Concealer / Foundation and apply to the face with Diffuser Brush.

Radiance Moon will impart an ethereal glow and Radiance Sun will lend a warm golden glow to your foundation and Radiance Star will add extra vitality to your complexion.

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