Intelligent Beauty with Wannabe Greener

Intelligent Beauty with Wannabe Greener

February 16, 2023

Aleph Beauty founder, Emma Peters, caught up with Harriet Robinson from Wannabe Greener The Podcast to talk all things Aleph.

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From the importance of wearing makeup and having a healthy beauty regime to what natural beauty really means – one of our favourite highlights from the podcast was Emma's take on intelligent beauty.

This concept is about using your products wisely, in a way that suits your skin and complexion, but also enhances skin health over time.

With a collection of cleansers, treatments and serums, we should be using beauty products that help our skin no matter where they sit in the routine. When we apply makeup every day, over a reasonably large surface of the skin, why not use this to promote skin health?

As an advocate for multi-functionality, we saw makeup as the perfect opportunity to incorporate skincare, to feed the skin with nourishment all day long. Because long-term skin enhancement for healthy, glowing skin, helps you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Makeup that instantly lifts our spirits when applied in the morning, but also leaves skin nourished when removed at the end of the day. Skincare enhancement built into your makeup is a win-win for overall health and well-being.

Where intelligent beauty and natural beauty come together is when we feel confident that our makeup reflects our inner beauty. At Aleph, we’re not about painting someone else’s face on top of our own. We are all for enhancing our own unique features.

Listen to the full story to hear why Emma's ears "always perk up when I hear ingredients and actives that work on the metabolism of the skin" and why Harriet has never "found a brand as transparent or genuinely sustainable as Aleph".

Aleph is visionary, intelligent alchemy for the conscious beauty. With a mission to change the traditional approach to makeup, we want to provide the tools to enable people to look and feel like the best version of themselves.


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