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Making Informed Choices: Embracing Microplastic Free Beauty with Aleph

July 19, 2024

We understand that beauty is more than just skin deep. Makeup has a transformative nature to make us feel empowered and the absolute best version of ourselves in the world. However, we also recognize that our choices have a broader impact on our health and the world around us. We believe it's time to take a closer look at what goes into your beauty products and make conscious choices that resonate with your values.

From the very beginning, we have had an unwavering commitment to being strictly microplastic-free. We proudly display the 'Zero Plastic Inside' logo on our website, showcasing our certification as a brand that prioritizes plastic-free alternatives. This certification is part of a larger movement called Beat the Bead aimed at reducing plastic waste, mitigating environmental damage, and promoting sustainable practices.

Not only are we mindful of minimizing plastic packaging, we have a fervent belief that no beauty product should contain plastic of any kind. This includes microbeads, plasticised polymers, liquid plastics and silicone polymers.

Understanding the Dangers of Microplastics:

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that have become pervasive in numerous daily-use products, including makeup and skincare. These tiny plastic particles serve various functions, such as exfoliation, bulking, thickening, or stabilization. However, their small size enables them to easily bypass water treatment systems, leading to their accumulation in our oceans, lakes, and rivers. This poses a significant threat to aquatic ecosystems and the wildlife within them.

Startlingly, “every time you use ‘mainstream’ anti-wrinkle cream, you put about 90,000 plastic particles on your face!” as highlighted by Beat the Bead. These microplastic particles are then absorbed by your body or washed down the drain.


Concerns about Human Health:

Microplastics also raise serious concerns regarding human health. Ingesting microplastics, particularly through products like toothpaste and lipstick, raises questions about their accumulation in our bodies. Certain types of microplastics, especially the smaller particles, can penetrate the skin barrier, potentially interacting with underlying tissues and cells. The release of harmful chemical additives from microplastics further compounds the risks, weakening our immune systems, disrupting hormonal health, interfering with organ function.


Tips to Avoid Microplastics in Cosmetics:

To safeguard ourselves and the environment, making informed choices and avoiding products that contain microplastics is crucial. Here are practical tips to guide you:

Read ingredient labels: Familiarize yourself with terms like polyethylene, polypropylene, polymethyl methacrylate, nylon, or acrylates copolymer. Their presence indicates the use of microplastics. Check out the Beat the Bead ‘Red list’ of ingredients here.

Choose microplastic-free alternatives: Opt for products that explicitly state they are 'microplastic-free,' or like Aleph Beauty, proudly display the 'zero plastic inside' certification logo on their website.

Research the products you buy: Take the time to explore a brand's commitment to avoiding microplastics. Look for transparent information on their website that highlights efforts to provide safer and more sustainable beauty options. Aleph Beauty is dedicated to transparency in values and the ingredients used in every product.

Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments regarding microplastics in cosmetics. This will allow you to adapt your choices based on evolving regulations and research. Download the Beat the Bead app to your phone, where you can easily scan products to see whether they contain microplastics.


Our Promise:

Among the vast sea of beauty brands, we stand out as a trustworthy and reliable option when it comes to being microplastic-free. We deeply understand the potential risks associated with microplastics and have made it our mission to offer products that are strictly free of these harmful particles.

With Aleph Beauty, you can confidently embrace a beauty routine that aligns with your values, knowing that the makeup you love is free from microplastics.

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