Prep, Finish & Protect your skin with Aleph Prep/Finish Powder

Prep, Finish & Protect your skin with Aleph Prep/Finish Powder

May 03, 2023


Aleph Prep/Finish Powder is like no other you have met before. This powder brings new innovation to clean beauty as the first natural pressed powder.

Currently, natural translucent powders are a rare commodity and mostly come in a loose form. Aside from the inhalation risk this poses, this type of compact is also infamous for exploding every time you open it. Making it less than convenient for on-the-go.

The next option is the less than natural pressed powders which are full of silicones. These might feel smooth when applied, but the silicone content can form a barrier on the skin, trapping oil, dirt and dead skin cells.

Emma spent months researching and trialling to create an innovative alternative to the traditional powder design. And then took it a leap further, including skin-benefiting ingredients just like the rest of the Aleph range.

Designed to work synergistically with Concealer/Foundation, Prep/Finish Powder won't change the integrity of your base makeup. Unlike some powders which have the tendency to absorb too much oil, too quickly, which can end up separating your foundation. Or some powders which can cause patchiness or distort the shade of your foundation.

Aleph Prep/Finish Powder is a universal translucent powder designed for ultimate versatility. The ultra-fine powder means that it's invisible when applied and disappears completely, making it suitable for all skin tones.


Most commonly, powder is thought to set makeup, enhancing longevity and creating a matte finish. But at the opposite end of the makeup routine, powder can enhance how makeup sits on the skin by creating an adhesive base. We've designed Aleph Prep/Finish Powder to do both.

Prepping with Powder helps makeup better adhere to the skin for a seamless complexion, without the added layers and fear of a cakey finish. This light-weight, non-drying powder has been formulated with fine, oil-absorbing waxes to form an adhesive base for long-wearing makeup.

The added grip will help achieve a fuller coverage without changing how much Concealer/Foundation you need to apply. Ideal for those who have rosacea, blemishes or pigmentation.

As well as enhanced staying power of Concealer/Foundation, prepping with Powder will change the way we wear cream products on the eyes. Naturally, eyelids are quite oily, which makes Powder the perfect oil-absorbing primer before the application of Cheek/Lip Tint or Radiance to the eyes.

Using Powder as a prep product will also help control oil production on the skin, balancing moisture levels to create a smooth, even base. The ingredient responsible for this effect is the innovative bixa orellana seed which controls sebum production to enhance the skin's surface. Not only does this ingredient help to blur the appearance of skin texture and pores (without blocking them) but over time helps to visibly tighten up the appearance of pores.

Welcome news for those with either oily or mature skin, who may find pores appear larger. Although pores don't change in size, pores can appear larger and more visible as our collagen production slows. Similarly, people with oily skin often have larger pores.

Prepping with Powder will create a pore-refining and skin-perfecting effect for those with visible skin texture. To apply, dust Prep/Finish Powder all over the face using Aleph Powder Brush prior to applying Concealer/Foundation. Use as a primer for areas requiring extra coverage or areas that tend to produce excess oil.


We know, people love the dewy look. But it's also great to have options when you want to go for more of a matte look. Or if you want extra-longevity from your makeup.

With traditional powders, there is the risk that the skin will become too matte that the powder leaves a chalky appearance and feel. When you mattify your makeup, it shouldn't remove all signs of the skin's natural glow and sheen – this is when makeup can start to look flat and stark.

Applying Prep/Finish Powder as a finish product will help absorb any excess oil or shine, without rendering your skin unnatural.

Prep/Finish Powder mattifies to a smooth, satin texture, retaining the skin-like finish that Concealer/Foundation achieves and that you all love. Illite is the ingredient responsible for this, made from clay and mica, which mattifies while maintaining the natural skin finish.

Powders that are too matte can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and often as we age, we are told to stay away from powder. But on the other hand, makeup that puts too much emphasis on the high points of our face can make the deep points appear darker.

We wanted to create a powder that met in the middle and worked equally well for skin textures throughout different periods of your life, without having an ageing effect. To do this, we've used ultra-fine rice bran and carnauba wax to absorb excess oil and create a soft, satin touch. These waxes help to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creating a blurring effect.

Our Powder formulation is designed to leave you with luxuriously smooth and flawless skin. Prep/Finish Powder is perfect for keeping your makeup intact and in place throughout the day.

Set makeup by powdering all over the face with Aleph Powder Brush, including eyes and lips for a mattified look.


If the Prep/Finish functions weren't enough, Aleph Powder also has skin-protecting properties that help to defend the skin from environmental pollutants.

Throughout her research, Emma discovered an active ingredient shown to boost the skin's defence against urban pollution and blue light. With the increased exposure to screens in our everyday lives, Emma felt this ingredient presented an opportunity to protect our skin on a new level.

What we may not realise is that too much screen time can have damaging effects on the skin. Blue light can contribute to visible skin changes, including redness and pigmentation, having a similar effect to that of UVA rays. To combat sun damage, we apply SPF daily. And on the same note, to combat the damaging effects of environmental pollution, we can apply Powder.

The unique blend of non-GMO soy and rice extracts create an invisible second skin, forming an anti-pollution and anti-blue light skin barrier. This will block the skin from external aggressions and maintain the skin’s normal function in the presence of environmental attacks.

Choose how you want to apply Powder – either as a Prep or Finish product, or both – and prevent the damages induced by exposure to urban pollution stress and blue light emission.

Shop our multi-tasking Prep/Finish Powder.

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