What I wish I knew in my 20's

What I wish I knew in my 20's

June 14, 2023

Aging is an inevitable journey that we all embark on, and as the years go by, we begin to notice subtle changes in our bodies, especially in the way our skin looks and feels. While it's true that aging gracefully is a beautiful notion, wouldn't it be even more empowering to age proactively?

Our 20s are a time of exploration, self-discovery, and often, a lack of concern about the future. It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that youth will last forever and that the signs of aging are a distant concern. However, your 20’s can be a pivotal decade to lay a strong foundation for healthy skin that will withstand the test of time.

We spoke to women in the Aleph Beauty team who have navigated through their 20s, and asked them to reflect on the lessons they wish I had known about taking care of their skin proactively during this important decade of life.


Emma Peters, Aleph Beauty Founder

"In my 20s, I had a good handle on skin care having been in the beauty industry throughout. I was just starting my journey into holistic wellness and learning more about clean beauty. I wish I’d known about the effects of toxic ingredients in conventional beauty products earlier. The sooner we can cut out these toxins that are affecting our own health and the health of our planet the better!"


Millie Clarke, Marketing Manager

“Hydration is key to healthy skin! Drinking enough water… but I also wish I knew that acne and oily prone skin still need to be nourished and hydrated with active moisturizer to protect my skin barrier. Drying out my skin with lots of salicylic acids was causing more harm by dehydrating my skin and causing irritation.”


Bex Stone, Sales Manager

“I would have loved to be taught how to correctly wear foundation in the right shade and how to use blush effectively. I felt like most of the time in my 20’s my foundation shade was too light or I wore no blush so I looked washed out. Where was Aleph when I needed healthy skin care infused makeup?!”


Yelena Bebich, Marketing Coordinator

“Beauty sleep is real! Quality sleep is the ultimate beauty secret. I wish I put in the effort to properly cleanse and use a good quality night cream or serum to supercharge my skin's natural regeneration process at night.”


Jess Hilliar, Customer Service Manager

“I wish I did some research at that time on how chemical ingredients found in beauty brands could have negative effects as hormone disruptors as well as not being fertility-friendly. I’m so glad I found Aleph but I would’ve loved to have done the switch to clean beauty brands earlier on, for my hormonal health and the health of my skin.”


Alana Munro, Finance and Operations Manager

“Looking back, I deeply regret sunbathing and not using sunblock in my 20s, as I now realize the long-lasting damage and premature aging that could have been prevented had I prioritized sun protection.”


Although aging is an inevitable process, it is within our control to take proactive measures, to ensure we age in the best possible way.

 Aleph is skincare infused beauty, designed to enhance the appearance of your skin both instantly and gradually over time. Our meticulously crafted formulations incorporate potent plant cells and antioxidants that actively stimulate your skin's inherent metabolism and renewal processes. When you wear Aleph, you empower yourself to age proactively.

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