Your Questions Answered: Mixing Compact & Mixing Treatment Balm

Your Questions Answered: Mixing Compact & Mixing Treatment Balm

June 06, 2024


Endless Possibilities. Wear it Your Way!

We have added two new tools to the range to bring even more creativity, versatility and sustainability to you!

Aleph Beauty Mixing Compact and Treatment Balm: Your ultimate multi-use essentials.

We've received so many great questions since launching Mixing Compact and Mixing/Treatment Balm a few days ago...If you have questions about these new additions, read on because we have the answers! 

What can I store in my Mixing Compact & How is the Mixing Compact best used?
You can decant and store all your favorite Aleph cream products and Makeup Alchemy blends in your Mixing Compact. Blend custom mixes of Aleph Cheek/Lip Tint, Concealer/Foundation, Radiance Balm, Mixing/Treatment Balm and Serum/Primer (1-2 drops Max) for ultimate versatility on the go!

How long will my product last when stored in the Mixing Compact?
You can decant a little bit or alot! Decant enough product into your Mixing Compact for one day worth of touch ups or decant a little more so you have your everyday favorites in your handbag whilst you travel… enough for a few weeks.

How do I clean my Mixing Compact?
Pop the dirty pans out of the compact. Remove any excess product with a paper towel. Wash the pans with dish liquid and warm water. Scrub with a toothbrush if they need it. Dry them before returning them to the Mixing Compact for further use.

Can I use the Mixing/Treatment balm on my cheeks?
Yes! Mixing/Treatment Balm is for the cheeks and lips. It can be used to shear down and Cheek/Lip Tint to create less intensity of color.

Does the plumping element in the Mixing Treatment balm burn or tingle on application?
No! You won't feel any tingling on application. Our Mixing/Treatment Balm has a Plumping benefit due to our inclusion of pomegranate extract and peptides. These ingredients work to restore collagen production and repair the lips. In keeping with our “in the moment and over time” product philosophy… Your lips will feel better in the moment and continue to look even better with continued use.

Can I use Mixing/Treatment Balm anywhere else?
Yes! This makes a lush eye treatment, due to its collagen-enhancing properties and naturally nourishing ingredients, this is the perfect protective eye treatment.

How is Mixing/Treatment Balm different from Lip Balm/Gloss?
Lucid Lip Gloss/Balm feels like a balm but has a high shine. This may be mixed with Cheek/lip Tint to create a tinted gloss. Mixing/Treatment Balm has a matte finish to emulate the velvety texture of Cheek/Lip Tint giving versatile opacity without high gloss. This also makes it perfect to use on the cheeks too. Both contain their own stack of beneficial ingredients to help smooth and plump the lips and skin over time without causing an irritating reaction found in some conventional lip-plumping products.

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