How to Get The Right Brow Shape For Your Face

Discover expert tips from Aleph Beauty founder Emma for achieving the perfect brow shape using Hybrid Eye Pigment, Glint. Elevate your brow game with this easy-to-follow tutorial and unlock stunning, natural-looking results.

Brows are a big deal. They frame the face, and emphasise the eyes.

In this video, Aleph founder Emma shares her expert tips for creating stunning eyebrows using Hybrid Eye Pigment, Glint.

Discover how to comb your brows, where to start applying the pigment, and how to determine the perfect arch and endpoint for your unique face shape.

Plus, get insider tips on using Aleph Liner/Brow Brush for natural, buildable, and flawless results. Watch now to lear this game-changing technique that will elevate your brow game and open up your eyes like never before.

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