Transform Your Complexion with Radiance

Learn the 4 steps to flawless, glowy skin using Radiance to brighten, warm and boost your everyday base makeup.

The perfect alchemy to transform your makeup

This week we want to talk about Radiance. This pot of magic is designed for ultimate versatility, meaning you can transform your makeup in so many ways with just one product.

Radiance can be used for the cheeks, lips and eyes to add dimension to the face, as an iridescent lip colour and for glossy, glowing eyelids.

Another technique we can use is mixing Radiance with Concealer/Foundation to create an ethereal glow. The pigments in Radiance act to attract and diffuse light to brighten the complexion, even skin tone and add extra liveliness to the skin – basically the key to flawless looking makeup and a beautiful, healthy glow.

Watch Aleph Founder, Emma Peters, practice a bit of magic as she mixes each Radiance into her Concealer/Foundation. Find out why this technique could be for you and which Radiance you definitely want to have in your collection.

4 Steps to Flawless, Glowy Skin

Decant and Mix

Radiance Sun X Concealer/Foundation

Radiance Sun diffuses light in a slightly different way to it’s siblings – the more prominent pigment creates the illusion of more coverage without added layers, which makes this Radiance perfect for evening skin tone.

Adding a little bit of Radiance Sun to Concealer/Foundation helps to deflect light and disguise discolouration, camouflaging the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation. This also works with deeper skin tones who wear Concealer/Foundation 4.0 or 5.0 to brighten any dullness.

Radiance Sun & C/F

The golden bronze hue also makes this Radiance great for the summer time, adding a tanned glow to the skin. Mix this with your Concealer/Foundation to add more warmth to the skin and cohesiveness in the face if your overall skin tends to take on more of a tan in summer.

Radiance Sun is perfect for people who want to disguise pigmentation and even skin tone, add warmth to the complexion or bridge the gap between summer and winter Concealer/Foundation shades.

Radiance Moon X Concealer/Foundation

Radiance Moon is our go-to for brightening the complexion as the champagne coloured pigment attracts and diffuses light to add pearlescence to Concealer/Foundation. This subtle pigment gives a gorgeous glow to skin, without adding any sparkle or shine.

When mixed with Concealer/Foundation, Radiance Moon adds brightness and extra light diffusion to illuminate the complexion and make skin appear more awake. Using this under the eyes is a great trick to rid dullness and revive dark under-eye circles.

Radiance Moon & C/F

Radiance Moon is perfect for people who want to illuminate the complexion, brighten under the eyes or lighten Concealer/Foundation to transition from summer to winter.

Radiance Star X Concealer/Foundation

Radiance Star is our newest superstar which completely transforms the complexion by adding a lively boost to the skin for a youthful glow.

Mixing Radiance Star with Concealer/Foundation helps to neutralise excess yellow or sallowness to the skin to add a more lively tone to the face. This trick works wonders if you feel your skin is looking a bit drained and is in need of a pick-me-up or if you want to rebalance your skin tone.

Radiance Star & C/F

Radiance Star is perfect for people who want to give life and vitality back to the skin, combat a sallow or overly yellow complexion and add vibrance to their look.

Grab Concealer/Foundation and your choice of Radiance Balm and use this technique to add a new dimension to your everyday look.

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