Makeup Artist: Jessica Hilliar

Having personally experienced the changes that come with ageing, Jessica Hilliar understands what makeup routine works for mature skin.

Subtle enhancements can make a big impact to achieve radiant, glowing skin – Jess loves when she “brings back that glow and freshness on the skin”.


What is your background in the beauty industry?

I started my makeup artistry training back in 2005, as a hobby really, when I was living in Singapore. In 2007, I came back to New Zealand and continued my new love for makeup as a freelance artist working on photoshoots, magazines and a lot of weddings.

But in 2019, I found my true passion for makeup, helping women over forty feel confident and in control doing their makeup in a way that works for them. It is all about enhancing their natural beauty, so they feel vibrantly beautiful inside out. Wow, that's already like 15 years of doing makeup!

What called you to clean makeup and why did you choose Aleph Beauty?

In my early forties, I suffered from severe eczema, that came out of nowhere, all over the face. After a few attempts of strong medicated creams not working at all and making me feel worse, I decided to start healthier living from the inside out. It’s like my body was telling me that I had to make some adjustments. This is what started my interest in clean, vegan beauty brands that were kinder and more gentle on my skin.

But when I discovered Aleph Beauty, I immediately fell in love with the brand. It is exactly the concept I was looking for in a beauty brand, products that look amazing on the skin, beautiful ingredients that nourish your skin (skincare and makeup in a pot), multi-functional and planet-friendly. Who doesn’t love to simplify their makeup routine and look amazing!

What is your favourite thing about Aleph?

Hard to choose as there are so many things I love about Aleph Beauty! But apart from being a conscious beauty brand (good for the skin and planet), I would say it is the versatility of the product. How by mixing, you can create endless tones that all look radiantly beautiful on the skin. So easy to get beautiful results.

What is your go-to Aleph trick?

Choose the desired coverage by mixing your Concealer/Foundation with the Serum/Primer. Both products complement beautifully, creating the perfect texture that blends nicely on the skin.

Outside of the makeup realm, where would we find you?

Probably enjoying a nice coffee in a cosy cafe or on a walk, where I can be in touch with nature. But at home, I could be dancing like the world is ending, it just brings me joy.

"The switch to cream products, especially for mature skin, is a yes for me."