Makeup Artist: Shirley Simpson

A specialist at natural-looking makeup with a wealth of experience in film and fashion, Shirley Simpson likes to make models look fresh and amazing, rather than covering faces with every product available.

Instantly lift your face and mood with Shirley’s favourite Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Ascend. Shirley loves the way Aleph feels on the skin, “it feels indulgent like you’re giving your skin a treat. It doesn’t feel like you have to get it off as soon as possible, like other makeup.” She would even be happy to sleep in it!

Shirley Simpson

What is your background in the beauty industry?

I have been a makeup artist for 21 years… I started working at Pavement Magazine in 1999, leaving the music industry after being a musician myself. Whilst organising and being on shoots, I came into contact with makeup artists and thought ‘I can do that’ (without formal training), and so I did!

I spent my first few years working on US TV productions and learnt from some of the best on set, including Di and Gabby who now run The Makeup School. I then moved from film work to fashion after I had my kids – I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing designers and fashion editors.

What called you to clean makeup and why did you choose Aleph Beauty?

I was trying to eliminate or lessen my exposure to chemicals in my beauty products and personal makeup. I was attracted to Aleph because the Concealer/Foundation was the first natural foundation that actually worked like a foundation should. I’ve never found a foundation that I love – that sits on the skin well, feels amazing, and has decent coverage – but Aleph did that for me!

What is your go-to Aleph trick?

My favourite trick is being able to do a whole makeup look with just two or three pieces! Blending the Concealer/Foundation into the skin and contouring/shading around the eyes/cheekbones with either Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Grounded or Terra, then adding a touch of Radiance here and there.

What tip would you give for people to look like the best version of themselves?

Don’t slather your face with makeup! Buff in the foundation, be nice to your skin and face, you are a work of art. Highlight your best features and don’t focus on the things you don’t like!

Outside of the makeup realm, where would we find you?

I’m at home in Laingholm, enjoying the bush and views with my family and pets or at the dance studio with my youngest daughter (dance MOMMSSS!). Since I’m a type 1 diabetic, I’m also interested in food and nutrition. So, lots of hours online researching and finding new things to cook.