Our Founder

Aleph Beauty is designed by Emma Peters, a sought-after makeup artist with three decades in the industry.

Emma became acutely aware that the products she was wearing, and using on clients, contained potentially health-damaging ingredients. Although there were brands that used organic ingredients, the function wasn’t there, or they were vegan and cruelty-free but toxic to humans. Or even clean brands that used an excessive amount of plastic packaging.

Throughout her career, Emma endeavoured to find makeup that lived up to her values of supporting human health, and that of the planet and its inhabitants. Emma wanted something that she would 100% want to use herself and set out to create a highly curated makeup range to satisfy her vision of sustainable, cruelty-free, high-performance beauty.

From her experience, Emma knew that a makeup kit could be compact, comprising of minimal, high-quality products that boast multiple application. She wanted to create products that were quick and easy to use, products that don’t mask the face but make the wearer look and feel amazing.

Aleph had to function better than conventional professional makeup. It had to give the wearer the confidence of optimal, long-lasting makeup performance without comprising the health of people, planet or animals.

The result. An infinitely customisable makeup range that empowers the creativity of the user. Aleph Beauty ticks all the boxes of a conscious lifestyle while allowing you to feel like the best version of yourself.