Our Philosophy

The Aleph Philosophy

The challenges facing our health and that of the planet are real, so our collective response needs to ensure we are all part of future-proofing the world our children will inherit. That’s how Aleph began.

‘Aleph’ means an all-encompassing expression of oneness. As humans, we cannot BE without the planet.

The ritual of wearing makeup is about celebrating and enhancing natural beauty throughout a person’s lifetime. And that’s where the makeup story comes undone. Wearing makeup is meant to be a beautifying experience, but instead our pursuit of beauty is causing a world of harm.

Aleph was born from a deep, impassioned, urgent concern to reverse the abuse that came with traditional beauty products on human health, the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants.

People, planet, and animal friendly.

These are the filters through which we make all of our decisions as a business. We believe that through collective, conscious business practices, significant change can be achieved in the way we as humans treat the planet, its inhabitants and each other.

In harmony with nature. Conscious choice is at the heart of the Aleph Beauty ethos and underpins everything we do. We believe that luxury and nature can coexist, as has done for thousands of years. Our promise is to do no harm. No one should have to compromise their values when choosing skincare and makeup products.

A conscious journey

This is conscious choice. At Aleph Beauty, we are on a mission to seek knowledge and expand the potential of natural beauty, and we will be sharing everything we learn with you. We believe makeup is about empowerment, and that true empowerment comes from knowledge and confidence in all of our choices.

We love that consumers are becoming more conscious in their decisions. We honour this by being transparent, showing you every decision we make and the rationale behind it. From the ingredients we use in our formulations to the packaging, and how you can recycle or compost every component.

Aleph is intelligently crafted makeup that is luxurious, protecting and regenerating. A professional, high-performance, minimal makeup range that consciously declares every ingredient and the complete packaging process.

We adhere to conscious business best practice and seek to positively contribute to the creation of a healthy world. We consider every stakeholder in every decision we make, including suppliers, partners, employees, manufacturers, shipping partners and consumers. We have investigated every option available to always make a conscious decision and will continue to do so on this journey with you.

Our Sustainability Mission

We are passionate about creating a better planet with a future everyone can be proud of. We fervently believe that sustainability should be the new norm and that we all have an opportunity to strive to make informed, conscious choices. And makeup is one of the choices we can empower.

Sustainable Business Network. Aleph Beauty is proud to be a member of the largest and longest standing organisation dedicated to sustainable business in New Zealand. Being part of this community demonstrates our commitment to improve our sustainability performance and contribute to a sustainable New Zealand economy. The network focuses on water and the circular economy, with a percentage of membership fees going to support waterway restoration.

1% for the Planet. As a member of 1% for the Planet, we are committed to protecting our only home. Under our ethos to be people, planet and animal friendly, we have chosen charities which represent the significance of these stakeholders. We are excited to give back and explore where we can make a positive impact.

Aleph Beauty donates 1% of revenue to support the following charities:

Sustainable Coastlines. With the support of volunteers and donors, Sustainable Coastlines have developed initiatives to restore the beauty of our New Zealand coastlines and waterways. This charity organises both reactive and proactive initiatives to clean up beaches, restore waterways by planting trees and teach the next generation to look after the places they love with behaviour-focused education training.

Trees That Count. Bringing business, community and everyday Kiwis together to combat climate change, protect our beautiful landscapes, waterways and forests for future generations. Native tree planting plays an important role in reducing net CO2 emissions, strengthening New Zealand’s biodiversity and helping communities thrive. By planting 2,400 native trees in 2020, we help to mitigate our annual carbon footprint as these trees grow over time.

As our business grows, we will be striving towards more milestones such as Carbon Zero. In 2023 we achieved B-Corp Certification.

A conscious beauty journey

A beautiful life is simple. Aleph is redefining beauty; we are restrained, pulled back, considered and sophisticated. We are distilled, intentional and aspirational. We are not in your face, we are with your face. We invite curiosity and co-create alchemy with you.

Aleph is inclusive and non-gendered. We create makeup for everybody. Aleph supports the wellbeing of all to empower a positive, beautiful future.

We have created Aleph for you, so we value your feedback. We are always striving to do better; with the ingredients we use, the packaging we design, the companies we align with. We’d love for you to contact us with comments or queries, so together we can create a better world.

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