How to get better payoff from Powder

Bex talks us through some tips and tricks on how best to use Prep/Finish Powder and Powder Brush to achieve the result you want.


Everyone’s skin is different and can respond in unique ways to the exact same product. An example of this is how quickly skin absorbs the nourishing butters found in Concealer/Foundation.

Some will find their skin loves this product and sucks up all the goodness in an instant. While others – those with oil-prone skin, those living in hot, sweaty temperatures, or those overloading the skin with too much skincare – may need to give Concealer/Foundation more time to settle.

When product sits on the surface of the skin, we run the risk of picking up product from the face and back onto our makeup brushes. This is not ideal when using Prep/Finish Powder and Powder Brush as moisture and oil can affect the function of the pressed powder compact (which is why a pressed translucent powder is hard to come by).

There are two ways we can prevent this from happening:

  1. Take your clean, dry Powder Brush and swirl on top of the compact to pick up a decent amount of Powder. Gently press the brush onto the skin to pat Powder into place.

    There is no need to apply excessive force here, lightly patting the brush onto the skin is enough to deposit the product. When standing in good lighting, you should be able to see the immediate mattification effect.

    A light touch and picking up enough Powder will make it less likely for the brush to pick up Concealer/Foundation from your face and deposit it back into the Powder pan when going for a second dip.

  2. If product has transferred into the Powder compact, all you need to do is scrape the unwanted product off the surface of the pan.

    To do this, take your Mixing Tool or use a fingertip to rub over the compact until the colour returns to white. This will remove any grey tinge or Concealer/Foundation residue and will allow the Powder Brush to pick up product more easily – which in turn will avoid product being picked up from your face (i.e back to step 1).

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to challenge the status quo and change how things are done around here. While this means our products come with unique quirks, we have tips and tricks to get your makeup to work perfectly with and for your skin.

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