Makeup Artist: Amy McLennan

With twenty years of experience in the industry, Wellington-based Amy McLennan knows a thing or two when it comes to makeup.

As an "organic eating, animal and environmentally caring, conscious human", Aleph's clean beauty was a no-brainer for Amy. Some of the reasons why she loves Aleph include being New Zealand made, fragrance-free and leaving the skin looking beautiful, no matter the age of the wearer.


What is your background in the beauty industry?

I have worked across all areas, but I really cut my teeth working in film and TV. I almost exclusively worked in this area until I had my first child four years ago. And then I branched out into other areas of the makeup industry.

What is your makeup speciality?

This is a hard question to answer – I really like to challenge myself and do it all! I love owning a character in film, being part of a team and production. I revel in the immediacy and 'big' makeups or hair required for theatre or ballet. I get great pleasure from being part of people's special wedding days. I like to push myself in the fashion field. But I think most of all I like to work one-on-one with private clients to enhance their everyday beauty.

Outside of the makeup realm, where can we find you?

In Newtown, my home suburb with my kids. On our days together we frequent Peoples Coffee, the many parks of Newtown, the Library and the great plethora of op-shops on our doorstep.

What tip would you give for people to look like the best version of themselves?

After you've done your makeup, take time in the mirror to really look at yourself objectively. Are your features looking balanced? If you've applied foundation, have you put colour back into your cheeks and lips? If you're wearing lipstick, have you enhanced your eyes? We all get into habits with our makeup – it's about keeping observational and keeping the balance with your features and product application.

"When it's sophisticated, effective and professional, why would one not go clean?"