Makeup Artist: Annalee Kemsley

As a freelance makeup artist over the last seven years, Annalee Kemsley’s expertise lies in special occasions such as weddings and school balls.

Aleph Beauty’s “simple but effective approach, which caters to busy lives” was the perfect fit for Annalee’s work. She loves the versatility and simplicity, and that we are a New Zealand based brand.

The choice to use Aleph in her professional kit reflects Annalee’s desire to encourage better choices, those that benefit the earth and go beyond the customer experience.


What is your go-to Aleph trick?

Love to mix a tiny drop of Serum/Primer, Radiance ~ Moon and my Concealer/Foundation together to get a nice subtle, glowy finish to my base.

What tip would you give for people to look like the best version of themselves?

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Recognise that the best version of yourself should be your vision, not anybody else’s.

Outside of the makeup realm, where would we find you?

My husband and I have two dogs so we love to go exploring along our coastal roads and find places to go for walks. I'm also big on family so, I love to spend as much time as I can with them. Plus, ever since lockdown I’ve been really getting into my baking.