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Our Philosophy

In harmony with nature. Intelligent Beauty is the Aleph ethos and underpins everything we do. We believe that luxury and natural can coexist as has done for thousands of years. No one should have to compromise their values when choosing skincare and makeup products. Our promise is to do no harm.

At Aleph, we are on a mission to seek knowledge and expand the potential of natural beauty, and we will be sharing everything we learn with you. We believe makeup is about empowerment, and that true empowerment comes from knowledge so we’re confident in all our choices. This is conscious choice.

A Conscious Journey

Smart. Expert. Considered.We love that consumers are becoming more conscious in their decisions. We honour this by being transparent, showing you every decision and the rationale behind it, the ingredients we use in our formulations, and the packaging we create and how you can recycle or compost every component.

We adhere to conscious business best practises and seek to contribute positively to the creation of a healthy world. We consider every stakeholder in every decision we make, including suppliers, partners, employees, manufacturers, shipping partners and consumers. Every decision has been a conscious one and we have investigated every option available to us, and will continue to do so on this journey with you.

We are kind.We believe that achieving beauty by harming animals is a contradiction, and that cruelty-free, vegan makeup is beautiful makeup.

We are minimal.We know that a luxurious makeup experience can be achieved using natural ingredients that enhance skin health and support personal well being, using few products. Aleph makeup has been formulated to care for your skin. Our products are multi-functional, refined and curated into a compact, lightweight professional makeup collection that creates luminous, long-lasting looks.

Our Sustainability Mission

We are passionate about creating a better planet with a future everyone can be proud of. We fervently believe that sustainability should be the new norm, and that we all have an opportunity to strive to make informed, conscious choices, and makeup is one of the choices we can empower. There should be no ambiguity.

We ambitiously aim to have 100% sustainable packaging. Currently, the only plastic we use is in our sampling system, and the liner in the aluminium lid, which are fully recyclable. We are working very hard, to find a more eco-friendly way to do this.

The Refined Beauty Journey

A beautiful life is simple. Aleph is redefining beauty; we are restrained, pulled back, considered and sophisticated. We are distilled, intentional and aspirational. We are not in your face, we are with your face. We invite curiosity and co-create alchemy with you. 

Aleph is inclusive and non-gendered. We create makeup for every body. Aleph supports the well being of all to empower a positive, beautiful future.

Welcome to Intelligent Beauty!

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