Prep/Finish Powder ~ Your Questions Answered


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  • 00:00 Introducing…
  • 00:25 Will Prep/Finish Powder reduce shine and increase longevity of my makeup?
  • 01:08 Is this Powder suitable for mature skin?
  • 02:11 What’s the best type of brush to apply Prep/Finish Powder?
  • 03:00 Do I apply Powder before my blush or after?
  • 03:50 How mattifying is it? I don’t want to lose my Radiance glow!
  • 04:21 Is this going to help my eyeshadow stay on throughout the day?
  • 05:04 Does this powder have any shimmer?
  • 05:31 What are the benefits of using Prep/Finish Powder?
  • 07:56 Do I need a separate brush to apply Powder?
  • 08:30 How can I use this to stop makeup transferring to sunglasses?
  • 08:59 Is it translucent, and does it have any sun protection in it?
  • 10:02 Any special active ingredients?
  • 10:37 Will this help prevent my mascara from smudging under the eyes?
  • 11:49 Wrap up

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