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Luxury. Minimal. Pure. Our mission was to launch a world-first: To create a refined, boutique makeup collection made from only the purest, naturally sourced ingredients that promises to nourish and protect the skin and deliver a consistent, luxurious experience, achieved with minimal, multifunctional products with packaging designed to ensure no wastage. Aleph does all this and more.

Aleph had to function better than conventional professional makeup. It had to give its wearer the confidence of optimal, long-lasting makeup performance while being a no compromise product range; no compromise to skin and body health, no compromise to animal wellbeing, and no compromise to the planet.

That is why Aleph is Intelligent Beauty. Intelligently created for the intelligent user.

Less is More

Aleph has been designed by professional makeup artist Emma Peters. No one knows better than she that a versatile makeup kit can be compact while comprising minimal, high quality products that boast multiple application. The result is Aleph, the infinitely customisable makeup range that empowers creativity of the user.

More refined.For the makeup artist, Aleph means an agile, compact and lightweight multifunctional makeup kit that complements the artist’s finesse and talent in creating a luminous, finished look. For the everyday wearer, Aleph means an uncomplicated, refined collection that is simple to apply, with the fewest key items needed in the handbag.

More versatile.The Aleph boutique collection has been designed to exacting standards so that minimal product is needed to create the desired finished look. Dense colour pigments on Cheek / Lip Tints layer for subtle through to rich colour. Concealer / Foundation intelligently adjusts to skin tone enabling a light coverage to create vibrant, fresh skin.

Aleph colours have been specially formulated to suit skin tones from blue-based to yellow-based and everything in between, so your product choice can be a confident one.

Skin Loving

We have taken the greatest care in the selection of every ingredient to be as ethical as possible, 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and people and planet friendly. We choose consciously so your conscience is clear.

Each ingredient has been selected for their protecting, nourishing, stabilising and regenerating properties, so when you’re wearing Aleph, you know with absolute certainty that your skin and body health are being cared for.

Every Aleph product is infused with thoughtfully chosen, natural extracts and cellular energising ingredients that boost the skin’s natural defence mechanisms and promote skin renewal, with the added extraordinary healing powers of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Alaria Esculenta Extract, for example, stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis to deeply hydrate skin, and promotes elasticity and suppleness by reducing the enzymes that breakdown collagen and elastin. Organic Totarol sourced from the New Zealand native, proud Totora contains active ingredients boasting potent anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, protecting the skin from environmental stress, and is also known to help in acne reduction; cold pressed, organic Jojoba Seed Oil deeply penetrates into skin and assists in regulating sebum production, making it ideal for all skin types, most especially oily skin; and Coenzyme Q10 that contains a fat-soluble vitamin responsible for cell protection shown to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of aged skin.

This is Intelligent Beauty.

We have created Aleph for you, so we value your feedback. We are always striving to do better; with the ingredients we use, the packaging we source, the companies we align with. We’d love you to please reach out with comments or queries, so together we can create a better world!

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