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Our mission led us to launch a world-first; to create a refined, boutique makeup collection made from only the purest, naturally sourced ingredients.

Products that promise to nourish and protect the skin, delivering a consistent and luxurious experience. Aleph does all this and more, with minimal, multi-functional products packaged to ensure no wastage.

Intelligently created for the conscious user, Aleph is enlightened beauty.

More sophisticated. For the everyday wearer, Aleph Beauty is uncomplicated. A sophisticated collection that is simple to apply, with the fewest key items needed in the handbag. For the makeup artist, Aleph enables an agile, compact and lightweight multi-functional makeup kit that complements the artist’s finesse and talent in creating a luminous finished look.

More versatile. The boutique Aleph Beauty collection is designed to exacting standards so that minimal product is needed to create the desired look. Aleph products sit within a neutral colour spectrum, specially formulated to suit the widest range of skin tones. The dense colour pigments in the Cheek/Lip Tint go from subtle to rich, and Concealer/Foundation intelligently adjusts to skin tone, enabling light to medium coverage for vibrant, fresh skin. Each product is designed to function at maximum intensity, giving the wearer the versatility to use at full strength or sheered down, creating a multitude of makeup looks.


The multi-functional design of Aleph products allow the consumer to own less and waste less whilst having the ability to create endless possibilities. Using a product in its entirety is particularly important as this prevents masses of wasted resources from ending up in the landfill, unable to be recycled.

Our core packaging is made from glass, which is reusable and recyclable. We are working on creating an even more circular system for these glass jars in the near future. Our lids are made from aluminium, which is highly recyclable. Where we occasionally need to use plastic, as in the cuff on our Serum/Primer bottle, is because there was no other option. In this instance, we ensure it is a recyclable form.

The outer box that each product comes in is made from FSC certified paper. Meaning that from forest to shelf, exacting social and environmental guidelines are complied with. These boxes are then printed with vegetable ink and glued with vegan glue. The boxes are home compostable, as are our postage and packaging materials, and the stickers on the base of the jars.

Courier Bags. Made from renewable plants such as corn husks, rice straw and wheat straw, these ‘Real Dirt Bags’ are biodegradable and compostable. This combination of materials represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics, contains no BPA and is non-toxic. Under the right composting conditions, these bags break down within months in your home compost and are also safe for worm farms. No need to remove the courier label as these are also compostable.

Courier Labels. Many courier labels are made of acrylic and will not biodegrade. Our courier labels are compost-friendly and are certified industrially compostable, with the label adhesive specially formulated to include a high percentage of renewable materials.

Stickers. The stickers on the base of the jars and product boxes are compostable. The paper, film and adhesive are all certified compostable and are made from more than 90% bio-matter from FSC-certified wood-based bio-plastic. The label adhesives are produced in compliance with major composting standards and the labels are manufactured using wind energy and printed with vegetable ink.


Aleph Beauty is New Zealand made, owned and operated. All aspects of the brand are conceived in NZ, and bar core packaging, executed here too. We also use New Zealand made raw ingredients wherever possible.

Supporting local is so close to our hearts that most of our current team fortuitously live within two kilometres of Aleph HQ. Meaning minimal emissions needed to travel to and from work.

We have created Aleph for you, so we value your feedback. We are always striving to do better; with the ingredients we use, the packaging we design, the companies we align with. We’d love for you to contact us with comments or queries, so together we can create a better world.

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