Australian Bushfire Relief Efforts

Australian Bushfire Relief Efforts

January 14, 2020

For us all at Aleph Beauty, 2020 is about going the extra mile for a better quality of life, health and beauty.

From the beginning of our journey, we have always been supportive of causes that align with our core values.

We believe in doing good, not shouting about doing good. We believe in quiet, efficient and genuine charitable work.

But with the tragic effects of climate change burning Australia right now, we feel it’s important to talk about what we’re all doing, and encourage others to get involved too.

When you have to explain why the sky looks apocalyptic to your scared children, you know you have to get involved and rally help around you.

So, like many of you, we are donating towards Australian Bushfires relief this month.

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But as a team, we have decided to go further.

We will be donating 10% of all sales to a different charity every week for the next month.

We have chosen the four relief organisations that we are supporting carefully so they align with our core values of integrity, honesty and respect.

We chose charities that reflect the concerns we have at Aleph Beauty about protecting our planet, humans and animals but also one charity that aligns with our belief in the importance of long-term thinking and prevention.

Just like we believe that beauty should be considered with a long view for better results, we believe in preventive action for easier, better environmental crisis management.

Here are links to each charity so you learn more about the work they do and can donate directly if you wish:

Environmental relief:
NSW Rural Fire Service

Human support:
Salvation Army

Wildlife rescue:
WIRES NSW Wildlife Rescue

Preventive work:
Greening Australia

Our hearts and thoughts go with those suffering in Australia.

The Aleph Beauty Team

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